Step Into The New Year With These 6 Outfits!!

Are you cooped up in your bedroom because it’s winter? What about that New Year’s party? Girl, you got to get out there and have some fun! Leave the dressing to us. You can look stylish, bold and beautiful even in winter and we are here to guide you all the way. Ward off the chill and flaunt your stylish side with this season’s high end collection. And trust us, dresses will be your best friend. You do not need to put them away, just a little bit of layering and you are ready. And guess what? All you need are some basic fashion clothing to pep up your winter hotness!

The Winter Dress

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Nowadays, you have the provision for dresses specially made out of wool for winter. It’s a very clean, sophisticated look with no hassle at all, can definitely be opted for a semi-formal office look or even as a casual get-together outfit. Accessorize yourself with a hat or a stylish bag; a Burberry if you please!! Well, it’ll be better if you leave your hair open and let them flow and as for the shoes, go for slip-ons or stilettos or a beautiful pair of Steppings’ leather boots.

Oversized Sweater

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This is a tricky one. Depending on your sweater type, you can either make it a semi-formal outfit or a daily casual one. You can easily find them online for your various tastes; pair up a Pab Jules Sweater with fitted jeans, accessorize your outfit with a satchel and a pair of Carlton London knee length boots. If you want to try the semi-formal outfit, go for Arrow Woman Sweater, a Versace Jeans handbag and for this look, you even have the option of either Boots or Stilettos. A pair of Truffle Stilettos will just look killer!! Do try.

The Formal Appeal

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This look is strictly formal but guess what?? This outfit can be made to work as a casual binge too!! Firstly, what you need to do is to make sure what kind of shirt you are wearing on the inside. If it is a formal solid shirt, then it gives a formal look, but if it is a denim shirt or a printed one, you can go casual. Secondly, the pattern on the sweater is important, if it is an argyle pattern like in Tommy Hilfiger’s Navy Blue sweater, it becomes formal but if it’s a broad striped sweater like in Lara Karen’s, then it becomes a casual outfit. So, for your formal appeal go for the Navy Blue argyle sweater along with a white shirt, solid chinos and a pair of boots. You should definitely go for a handbag along with this outfit, specially a Prada. Any Denim Shirt will do the trick for your casual flare along with a cute backpack or a satchel.

A Cardigan Is All It Takes

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It’s a sweet girl kind of look, elegant and adorable. For those winter days when the sun is out, you can go for a light cardigan over your dress and accessorize yourself with neck-pieces, carry the handbag of your choice and finish it off with a pair of beautiful stiletto. I would advise you to go for light to nude shaded cardigans of long or short length as you prefer. You may even carry out a self-designed cardigan with a pair of jeans or a Vero Moda Pink cardigan with your regular casual’s to look smart. For your everyday look, you can avoid the heavy heels and opt for simple slip-ons.

The Leather Jacket

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This provides a strong fashion statement for both formal and casual look. You simply need to have at least one leather jacket in your wardrobe, if you cannot, better have a denim jacket! You should definitely try the Vero Moda leather jacket which gives a contemporary look. This jacket can be best teamed with denim bottoms and ankle boots for a chic look. Not just denims, skirts too can be paired up smoothly to give a formal tough look along with a clutch, preferably a Calvin Klein one.

Sweatshirts For All

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Also known as winter jacket, these are handy for all occasions, a morning run or a simple day out, basically it’s for all those times when you don’t want to dress up and a simple sweatshirt is more than enough! Nowadays, you can even opt for floral printed jackets or ponchos to suit your style. For this look, go for sports shoes and simply tie your hair in a ponytail. That’s all.

Have your pick ladies, and style your New Year this winter. It’s really not that hard, all you got to do is be alert and have the passion to be fashionable at all times. Enjoy the winter season and don’t be cooped up at home, breathe a little and flaunt your style. Any query or suggestion is welcome, till then Be Fashionably Beautiful Always!!

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