Streaming Workout Videos: The New Fitness Trend

No gym nearby? Or is it too expensive? Or maybe you don’t have time after family spending? Well, this is no more an excuse to not workout. Exercising is an important ingredient for a healthy body. Most of us either go to a gym to weight train or do cardio and others resort to more low-impact forms of exercising like walking/jogging/cycling. Many of us do yoga too, but sometimes it can get monotonous. So, how do we keep our workouts interesting so that we are looking forward to doing them than dreading them? The answer is simple-keep changing the routine. How? Although many workout DVDs are also available in the market but one can get bored from following the same DVD over and over, plus, they can be costly. The other way is (thanks to internet!) : Online Streaming Workout Videos. Yes, you can find a lot of workout videos online and the best part it, you can get them for FREE (minus the cost of internet and a PC/tablet/smartphone).

You don’t need to look further than Youtube to find some of the best videos on some great channels. Here is a list of the best fitness video channels on Youtube:




The best thing about this channel is that it provides tons of videos on different fitness methods and many videos are from Fitness DVDs and programs. You can try the DVD here for free and see if you’ll like to buy it. There is a 90-day fitness challenge too having workout videos of 10 minutes each-squeeze it in your tight schedule !

Recently, the channel has launched a new fitness program called BeFit GO exclusively for mobile workouts. It is a guarantee you’ll find something for your need here.



Travis Elliot teaching yoga

Originally there were only 10-minute workouts  designed by famous Hollywood celebrity instructors. They give you an insight into the different fitness trends. Now longer as well as shorter videos are also available. Must check if you want to know celebrity fitness secrets.




The videos are hosted by Cassey Ho. Her workouts are lively, fun and energetic . There are monthly challenges too that she posts on her website. Her talkative manner will keep you motivated.



fitness blender

The videos are recorded by a couple. They are simple, with no music and in a white setting-best for someone who doesn’t like shouting and screaming instructors. You’ll find a variety of videos here.




Glamrs is the first Indian video platform for women. It has old classic fitness vidoes as well as some bollywood dance videos. The exercises are simple and not too lengthy.

•Tara Stiles


tara stiles yoga

Love yoga? Try Tara Style’s videos which are short, easy to follow, targeted, improve flexibility & strength and help with relaxation.


Other than these Youtube channels, there are various websites hosted by many instructors which stream online videos. These are mostly paid:

•Ballet Beautiful



If you want a ballerina’s body, you should try Mary Helen Bower’s ballet inspired workout videos. Her videos can be bought individually or you can buy a monthly subscription and get access to all her video-library and design your own custom workout! The exercises are simple, high-repetition and give results fast. They help in toning, increasing flexibility and strengthening the muscles. And the best part? She has live streaming too! It means you can have a live workout session where you can even interact with her!

•Tracy Anderson Method


Tracy Anderson Hamptons Photoshoot

Best known for her work with Gwyneth Paltrow and her fitness program called Tracy Anderson Method, this New York-based fitness trainer has recently released live streaming sessions. You can buy a 6-month subscription. This program is guaranteed to give fast results although it is a little pricey. No offline streaming videos are available but you can search Youtube for samples.

•Sleek Technique



Another ballet-inspired workout system developed by Flik and Victoria-two best friend ballerinas. The workouts can be purchased individually or you can buy a monthly streaming membership. There is a free video available too for trial. It is 15 minutes long and focuses on lower body. They also host live streaming sessions.
You can do your own research and find out many more such fitness methods. The no-gym excuse won’t work anymore. So, now find a workout that suits you and get working!

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