Street style of Jacqueline Fernandez: 9 Best Looks

Actresses in our industry have all the stylists and designers to dig out stunning dresses for them. It’s only when they are off-duty, do we get to see the real style of the stars. Some of them fail miserably while others give us trends to love and follow. One such gorgeous and sexy actress who has proved that you don’t need any designers for your personal style is Jacqueline. Added to her friendly personality and adorableness, her personal sense of style is truly amazing and unique to her. She wears clothes which are just so easy for us normal girls to follow and if you do follow her on Instagram, she is one the most helpful actresses around who gives tips and tricks related to fitness, fashion and lifestyle. Her presence on social media is a blessing for us to steal a few tips and tricks from the glam industry!

So as an ode to Jackie’s effortless and easygoing styling, I have listed down a few of my favorite looks of her which we can easily throw together without running to designers!

1. Indian belle

Indian belle

How much more simple can this look get? Jackie has simply thrown together nothing but a white kurta and leggings and to make it a bit more colorful, a tasseled dupatta. Paired with tan mojdis and basic accessories, she looks like a beautiful Indian damsel. There is nothing complicated about this look and the simplicity of it is what adds to its charm. 🙂

2. Semi-formal smart

Semi-formal smart

This is one of my most favorite outfits of Jacqueline! It’s so brilliant and with the use of the most minimalistic wardrobe staples. A black blazer, black heels, a basic pair of denims rolled up to the ankles and a sexy corset is all you need for a cocktail party or a dinner party. Jacqueline just used a watch and a pair of solitaire earrings to compliment her outfit and woah, doesn’t she look stunning? Her tresses are totally killing it and with the most essential makeup on, she looks ready to dazzle.

3. Matching shades

Matching shades

I love love love how she has used two shades from the same color and created a stunning outfit out of it! Her orange shorts paired with a pale orange shirt and white heels are on point! With that studded bronze bag and her charming smile, who can resist loving this outfit?

4. Dungaree-ing it

Dungaree-ing it

Not one to stay behind, Jacqueline wore this dungaree and the fringed loafers long before they ever became a 2015 trend. Without compromising either on comfort and class, she chose to style her dungarees really well with a crisp white shirt. She also kept the look fresh with cat-eye sunglasses and a simplistic black handbag.

5. Sexy sport

Sexy sport

This is what they talk about when they sports+girls are a dangerous combination! Looking hot as ever, Jackie stepped into a club rolling with the trend of sports luxe. Her red hot high heeled sneakers combined with her black and white ensemble give her the oomph factor. Wearing a shirt dress with a jacket on top and a sleek sling bag, she let her hair down sportingly!

6. Crop top chic

Crop top chic Crop top chic

There really isn’t anything in this look that we girls don’t own. We just never knew that a crop top, a midi denim skirt, some sneakers and a denim jacket would look this good together! But then of course, we were waiting for Jackie to show us how it’s done! She looks super cute in this ensemble! With her trusty handbag and a watch on her wrist, it looks like Jackie had a fun time wherever she’s coming from! 🙂

7. Plaid- booted Jane

Plaid- booted Jane Plaid- booted Jane

No one quite nails airport style as Jacqueline does. Every time she walks out of the airport, she has a surprise waiting for us with her outfits! And she sure didn’t disappoint when she chose to pair plaid with edgy elements. Her plaid t-shirt looks grungy with her black studded boots and her sporty jacket. She artfully balanced out the edginess by wearing a white tank top with pale blue denims. Jackie sure knows how to channel her inner rock chick!

8. Sheer delight

Sheer delight Sheer delight

Of course, with such a toned body and fabulous skin, anything she wears looks amazing on her. The sheer overlay of the dress looks perfect. Accessories that she teams with this pretty dress like the watch and earrings keep the look clean. She looks ravishing and we can easily take a clue or two from this look to implement in our daily outfits.

9. Skirting around

Skirting around Skirting around

Subtleness is Jackie’s strong game and she proves that little things go a long way with this pretty ensemble yet again. A white crop top paired with a beautiful flowy printed long skirt is what she keeps the focus on. She highlights the outfit by adding small baubles like her long chain and purple earrings and an intricate hand harness.

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