Stressed But Well Dressed: College Fests

Long lectures, endless projects, expected attendance: level impossible.. And despite this whats the one thing we love about college- COLLEGE FESTS! Spending the whole month preparing for the fest, missing classes because there’s ‘oh so much work’ and finally the feeling of accomplishment when the fest is a success. But who has time to think about what to wear. Given we get that one college t-shirt (which is our proudest and only souvenir from college) ,we still need to make a statement with it. Here are some tips and advices to make that ‘one simple t-shirt look’ different !

1. Weal bright pants or patterned leggings.

bright leggings

2. Bright slippers or ballerinas will make you stand out from the crowd.

cool slippers

3. Carry a fancy phone cover, say something with a nerdy message or just colorful

bright phone covers

4. Sling bag it – you wont even realize how convenient it is till the fest is over.


5. Pick up an interesting pair of shades, the funkier the better!

funky shades

6. Tuck the t-shirt into your jeans, belt it up or maybe tie a scarf around your waist.

tie a scarf

7. Beanies, hairbands, a messy bun – anything to keep the hair off your face, yet making it look good.

messy hair

8. Knot it up on one side, wear a bright spaghetti/tank top underneath

knot it up

Say you’re not totally into the whole spirit of wearing the college t-shirt, here are some do’s and donts of what you can wear instead

  • Try sticking to the college colours
  • Be modest, don’t opt for low cuts and extra tight fits
  • Dress for a college fest, not for a night out in town
  • Accessorie your outfit with an oversized bag or a scarf or maybe even some interesting headgear
  • Avoid heels! You cant imagine the amount youll be running around

Now, lets talk about the cultural night. It says cultural night, not a big fat Indian wedding. Please stay far FAR away from big chunky jewellery, suits and sarees that have the reflection power of a disco ball and those slits and cuts which might attract unwanted attention. When you go for a cultural night, wear something traditional and simple. Something that will make you look like a college student and more importantly fit into your college crowd!

traditional wear

But at the end of it, make sure you have a great time and take in the whole college vibe.. cause these years are never going to come again!

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