Striped Tee: How to Pull it off in 10 Ways

Hola fashionistas! With winter already on its fag end and the latest trends in fashion that you might have missed this season, there is something you could always come up with if you still have an old striped tee and tops in your closet, which you think are far from the word ‘fashion’. Are you often confused about the semblance of the innocent striped tee? Tired of thinking if it is white on black or black on white? And what on earth could this ‘boring’ combination of the ever so horizontal bands on a basic tone, do to your appearance?

My girlies, you need to think, hard! A Striped tee can do wonders to your personality because, frankly, the relationship of black and white bands has outlived decades of fashion fads and will continue to do so.
Right since 1917, when Coco Chanel first included the striped tees in its designs inspired from the French ‘Breton shirt’ (Know more about it) to the regular H&M items for everyday use. Stripes can look anything from haute to ordinary depending on how you style it.
Regardless of the time of the day, the event, the year, sex or age – the combination of black and white will always be there to save the day, believe me! Business or beach, Saturday or Monday look, office or date – your striped tee is that versatile!

Now let’s talk about how YOU can pull off a look, with a striped tee, that is rich yet effortless, elegant and trendy.

1. Pair it up with a skirt


Is there anything simpler? Skirts, yes! If you do not want to take a chance, go with the colors black and white with your basic striped tee. And if you’re bold enough to wear florals, my dear, that’s haute!

2. Denims, ah!

Ella-Catliff-denim-striped-tee        4b5feb51a89fceac70cba637f972f428-shorts-striped-tee       dungarees-striped-tee

Our good old love. I personally would prefer washed denims. You can also slip into your dungarees or shorts if you want to play it cool and casual. Loose striped tee or cropped tees will add on to your casual look.

3. The Palazzo look


If you are bored of wearing the same old denims, you must try pairing your striped tee or a striped top with a pair of palazzos. It will surely be comfortable and more lady-like.

 4. Forget the max and min


Your striped tee will always go with ‘midi’ skirts (preferably yellow, red, blue).

5. The other peg


Office or a business meeting, Peg trousers have always complemented your formal look with a striped tee but here’s how you can also wear bright neon trousers to give yourself a funky look.

 6. White is the new black


White always goes well with a Breton shirt. If you’re not confident enough about the bold colors, try keeping it simple with white.

7. My Neon love


There’s no harm in pulling off a striped tee with an I-Love-Neon-and-I-don’t-care attitude. Wear your bright jeggings that sometimes makes you wonder what to pair them up with.

 8. Blaze it up, the other way!

7693eefaddba66b25514e92b77af3d86-striped-tee-casual-blazer  french-striped-tee-street-style-19-of-19

Pair the monochrome look of your striped tee up with a neutral color blazer if you want to keep it classic. (Style tip: bright colors in blazers will definitely give you a fashionista look, try going for red and other bold colors)

 9. Straight, which way?

2015-Summer-Fashion-Plus-Size-font-b-Vertical-b-font-font-b-Striped-tee-long-font-font hot-sale-casual-long-sleeve-vertical-striped-tee

If you really believe that slipping on horizontal stripes will make you look fuller, you can still go for Vertical stripes. (Armine tells you how to look thin in a striped look)

 10. Don the jewel

7b6e05aa8b6ed66a2b15c860bd98bd4a-striped-tee-gold-necklace       french-connection-striped-tee

Who doesn’t crave a little attention from the people around them? A statement necklace will do wonders, altogether adding a new look to the same old striped tee. (Style tip: try gold necklace)

That’s not all! Keep in mind, the trick is not to go too hard with it. Keep it simple because it is about fashion and not camouflaging and you would surely not want to underscore your resemblance to a zebra! Although here is a look how you can still pull off the all-over striped look, gorgeously with a red lipstick.

20150123 Sienna Miller-striped-tee-top         striped-tee-trend-street-style-3

I really wanted to include some other things like colored stripes and striped skirts and blazers, I mean, c’mon how can you just finish writing about something that goes with everything and anything?

If you are someone who cannot just get enough of the stripes and the way they save your day, if you have some fashion hacks, I would love to read them in your comments.

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