Style guide to be “CUTE”


Cute? We can now use the term “cute” in styling from Shraddha Kapoor to Sonam Kapoor. Cute has always been a teen’s favorite . Cute is not boring at all. It reveals your inner innocence & charm. Usually, outfits that adhere to the cuteness meter can not only make you look younger, but also, absolutely irresistible.

Body Shape Matters?

cute dress girl
Body shape doesn’t really matter as everyone can look cute. Just everyone! However, having a petite body makes it easier to choose outfits that can add to your cuteness quotient. Body shape isn’t the major concern; the most important thing is choice .

Choosing the Right Dress

blouse sweater skirt cardigan dress-jacket
When you opt for the cute style , you basically need something with soft colors, like – baby pink , pale yellow , icy blue, lavender and so on. Patterns matter as well. Don’t go for any loud pattern or a dress with a dense pattern . Monochromes are great as well as florals ; polka dots look perfectly cute and so does sequin. Well, the authority lies with you as you get full liberty to choose from the entire lot available to you. Do remember to go for a trial so that the outfits suits you and fits you right.

Dressing Cute

Dressing Cute
Jumpsuits. These are so much in trend right now, and the patterns available in the market are so cute that they become a perfect cute outfit. Jumpsuits are the easiest pick when it comes to choosing an outfit.

Short dresses are the best way to say, ” Look, I’m so cute. Cute enough to wear a short little dress.” Just think of any short dress which doesn’t look cute. There are none! If you go to any store and buy a short dress, that’s enough to make you look cute!

Short dresses
When it comes to tops, crop tops are something you do not want to avoid. Crop tops add a new dimension to cuteness. Any bottom would look simple flawless when it is complemented by a crop top. If the top happens to be too short or off shoulder and you are not too comfortable with that, a translucent shrug would fix it. 🙂

For cute bottoms, you can always go for short skirts or shorts, but if you prefer a fully covered outfit, always choose any loose fitting trousers that tight just above the A-line .

Accessorize Cute

Korean-prettyAccessorize Cutebag-shorts-leather+backpack-nail
A small bag , a big fancy clip and an adorable hairband would be the best possible idea for dressing your hair to look cute. Any variation within these items would look sweet. Apart from the accessories, choosing an appropriate hairstyle is a must .

Make Up Cute

Everything goes on , but make up is the first thing a person notices. Hence, leaving a first impression as well . The core strength of your look lies with makeup. Choosing the correct makeup with the correct outfits is a great deal , almost 75% people are makeup blind , they don’t even know the correct application techniques of makeup products. For looking cute, just emphasize on 3 things!

  • Light colors
  • A spotless matte mousse
  • Colored lip balm

Celebs with the Cute Effect

alia bhattshraddha-kapoor-charms-audience-pink-dress-lakme-eventsonam-in-aisha

Enjoy your cute styling and do share with us ♥

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