Pastel Love: How to Style Mint Blue this Summer Easily

Alright, so finally an overdose of me? Well, I went summer clothes shopping this weekend (Perks of being at home – dad pays :P) and I realized that as much as I love my dark colours for making me look slim, I just couldn’t get myself to make any purchases in black or navy blue or any dark colour for that matter. Summer to me is all about sun, sand, water and lots of fruits. I love how bright and fresh it is. To wear pastels in summer is mandatory – not something I do by choice. And well, believe me, mint blue is the new baby pink. It is the colour of the season. Every customer ever at mom’s boutique has their hearts all out to the colour mint blue.

Here is how I suggest you style your mint blues

1. With Hues of Yellow

Style a good fit short dress with yellow summer blazer and yellow accessories. You’d be fresh as the sun and water and sand maybe and the outfit would be as formal as casual and mostly comfortable. Add a yellow leather clutch and wedges in a shade of blue and some bangles and bracelets in antique finish.


mint blue outfit 1

2. ‘Blush’ a Little Bit

Another way to sport your flowy mint blue dress in chiffon is to style it with shades of peach and blush and a little of peach-ish tan. Another outfit that you can wear to the office as well as the movie after it. Add flowery studs in peach, a stone ring, a pastel coloured handbag and probably a precious stone peach and blue bracelet. Let your peep toes be in pastel suede and well, would they be impressed?

mint blue outfit 2

3. Colour Coordination with Mint Blue

I’ve worn it this way, and there’s no other way I’d like a mint blue summer blazer. Add a formal black pencil skirt or in any dark colour and green blouse or even a good fitting plain tee that works well for formals to your blazer. Peacock blue pointed pumps and a bucket bag in off-white compliment your look like never before. So gather the compliments and thank me when we meet.

mint blue outfit 3


4. All Shades of Blue

Got a pretty mint blue ruffle top? Style it with a navy blue pencil skirt and mint blue ballerinas. Go out to coffee dates, movie or plain shopping. You’d never regret what you wear. Carry a cotton knit cardigan if you think it may get windy and you’d be ready for all occasions alike.


mint blue outfit 4

5. All Matchy Matchy Like a Pro

Nothing goes better with mint blue than mint green. Here is to all those who believe the pastel blue makes them look fat. Wear your royal blue or navy blue dress and compliment it with lots of mint blue and mint green accessories. A mint blue clutch, earrings, ring and platform pumps are a must. Mint blue framed shades are only a fashion tip lot notches higher.



mint blue outfit 5

6. To Beat the Monday Blues

Love how pleasant the water is on a hot sunny afternoon? Pair lots of blues and be as cool as the beach waves. Pair a mint blue shrug cardigan with a royal blue cowl neck tank and mint blue denim. Accessorize in both the shades with neither taking dominance. Add royal blue ring, flats, and bag and you’d be a stylish babe in blue.

mint blue outfit 6

So are you dressed to impress? Share your mint blue styling tips with us at

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