Style Tips For Apple-Shaped Bodies

In today’s world of ever-changing fashion, keeping up with the latest trends is not enough. You also have to keep in mind your body shape before you decide what to wear. No matter how expensive or trendy your dress is, if it does not flatter your body, it’s of no use. The notion of a “well-dressed” person essentially means someone who wears clothes according to his/her body type.

Typically, there are five main types of bodies that women usually have. They are- apple, pear, rectangle, inverted triangle and hourglass. As most of you may know, an hourglass figure is considered as the ideal body for women. Those who have an hourglass figure are perfectly well-proportioned with a shapely bust and defined waist. However, very few people are blessed with this body type. But the good news is that by dressing appropriately, you can create the illusion of a well-balanced body. And in this post, we’ll focus on women who have an apple shaped body, and how they can dress themselves up to look shapely.

Let us first identify what an apple body looks like. Apple-shaped women are fuller around the middle. They tend to gain weight around their belly and upper body. They generally have an average to large bust size and broad upper arms and shoulders. Their legs tend to be shapely and their butts tend to be flat.

It can be tricky to dress up an apple-shaped body, but the goal here is to draw attention away from the tummy, by making the torso look longer and waist and shoulders slimmer.Wearing frumpy and shapeless garments that do not have a defined waistline is a strict no-no.

1. Tops and Blouses for Apple Shaped Women:

-While it is essential that you do not wear over-sized clothes, it is equally important that you choose garments that skim and not cling. Comfortable fabrics such as silk and cottons tailored in simple designs help in camouflaging the extra curves.

-A monochromatic colour palette is more suitable for this body type rather than multitude of colours. That is because monochromes create the illusion of a longer body, whereas wearing different coloured top and bottom cuts your body in half. Also, dark coloured tops make the torso look slimmer.

monochromatic outfit monochrome-outfits

-If you want to wear prints, go for small-sized prints, or choose tops that have darker colours around the midsection with the print on the top to take away the attention from your tummy, and focus on your chest and face. And unless you want to look bigger and bulkier, avoid bold patterns, large checks and light colours above the waist.

dark colour printed top with small sized prints printed top with small sized prints

-Tops with a shirttail and/or rounded hems will camouflage the tummy.

top with rounded hemline

-V-necks are an ideal choice because they pull the eye away from your shoulders and mid-section and break up the size of your chest. However, make sure you are not showing too much cleavage, else it’ll look tacky.

v-neck top v-neck white top

-Avoid wearing tops with baggy sleeves as it’ll make your shoulder and arms look bigger and bulkier.


2. Skirts and Trouser styles for Apple Shaped Women:

-Since apple-shaped bodies have wonderful legs, they can wear shorter dresses and skirts (about 1 to 5 inches above the knee) to flaunt them. Since your body is heavy on the top and leaner down the waist, wearing a fuller skirt will balance out figure.Wear an A-line skirt to get an hourglass shape.

short a-lne skirt white a-line skirt

-Make sure that the skirts and trousers have clasp/zippers at the side or back to avoid extra bump near the waist.

-Avoid wearing skirts/trousers that have pockets, pleats and gathers near the waist because it will make your tummy look fatter.

-Skirts made of Chiffon and silks are ideal for apple-shaped bodies as they will not cling to the body.

-Refrain from wearing skinny/straight fit trousers/pants that’ll make you look bigger on top. Boot-cut and flared pants and A-line skirts will give you a leaner silhouette.



3. Jeans styles for Apples shaped Women

-Apple bodies generally have a flatter backside. Therefore, to create the illusion that you do, you can wear jeans which have back pockets with flaps.

jeans with back flaps

-Wear boot cut jeans as the wide, flared leg will lead the eye down the waist and create a balanced silhouette.

bootcut jeans

-As for the colour of the denims, you can pick lighter shades as they’ll make your thighs look shapely. You can wear darker colours as well, but it’ll make your hips look smaller and focus attention on your upper torso.


4. Dress styles for Apple shaped Women

-The apple body type is one of the more challenging ones to dress.

-The trick is to wear dresses that create a faux waistline and do not accentuate your true waist. Drop-waist dresses are ideal for apple bodies as they narrow down around your hipbone, rather than your actual waist. Also, empire waist dresses have a raised waistline and are a good choice.

blue drop-waist-dress white empire waist dress

-Since you want to draw attention away from the middle section, wear dresses that fit the body, and skim the waistline rather than cling to it.

-Avoid wearing halter neck and puffy sleeved dresses as they make your upper body look wider. V-neck or a plunging neckline will look more flattering as it’ll reduce the roundness of the body.


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