Style Your White Tee Right

We all have a basic, solid colored, round neck tee in our closet. Be it black, white or gray, you usually wear it when you’ve raided your closet and still have nothing to wear. It’s also our savior on days when we don’t feel like dressing up and pair it with our favorite denims. Well, I’m here to give a new twist to that simple looking, boring T shirt of yours – Looks that you’ll find comfortable as well as chic!

Tuck it in

White Tee Tuck it in

You may wear that tee on weekends when you completely want to chill and not give a damn about how you’re looking, but believe me when I say that by simply tucking it inside (jeans, shorts, or skirt), it will change your look completely!




Overalls have taken over the street style by storm, and you’ll definitely find your favorite blogger sporting it too. Well, nobody said you can’t pair your overalls with your basic white tee! Create a fun combo of that old tee of yours and a new, denim overall and see the look for yourself!


Crop Chop

Crop top

Crop it. You heard it right, girls! Give it a whole new look but creating a completely different crop top look! It may seem like hard work, but it’s not. Here are instructions as to how you can cut your tee and turn it into a sexy crop top!

Layer it

White tee Dress

If your tee is REALLY long (covers your thighs halfway) and you’re confident about your body, you can always turn it into a dress. Wear a long coat or kimono over your long tee and you’re good to go! Otherwise, you can wear short shorts under it too!

Skirt around

Maxi skirt

Style your old tee with a beautiful looking long skirt. Because, why not? Make sure you opt for bright colors like pink, orange, yellow etc to rock that summer look!


Now that I’ve told you how you can use your boring white tee in 5 different ways, make sure you don’t throw it at the back of your closet! Also, don’t just reserve the tee look for weekends – you can now pair it for various occasions too!




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