Stylish Belts For College Going Girls

A belt is the perfect accessory for our modern attires. We can turn a dull outfit into a style statement by just belting it. It may seem like a small detail, but the effect a belt can have on your outfit is actually pretty big. They’re both functional and fashionable, a little piece that pulls double-duty by adding interest and helping to flatter your figure. Belts highlight one of the most vulnerable body parts for a woman: The Torso.What you place around the bust, waist and hips can really affect the silhouette of your body – it can trim or add pounds to your figure. Making you look lean or stumpy! Yup, the right belt can be a crucial thing for looking your best.

20Dresses Gold Metal Belt

20Dresses Gold Metal Belt


Classic always speaks volumes about a person’s evergreen style which makes this belt a great choice for your classic personality! Accessorize with: A long black maxi with a cinched waist and a pair of gold stilettos. Add a statement necklace to complete this cocktail look. This is a gold broad full metal belt with hanging chains at the back and lobster clamp for fastening.20 Dresses Gold Metal Belt.

Oleva Casual Belt

Oleva Casual Belt


This casual brown color knit look belt is perfect for brunch date with your girlfriends. You can also pair it with a nice denim jumpsuit to look casual yet smart. Oleva Women Casual Brown Belt is the perfect accessory for days when you don’t feel like dressing up or are in a rush.

Tiekart Silver Metal Belt

Tiekart Silver Metal Belt

This belt is suitable for both party as well as casual look. The flower buckle gives you the required chic factor and it’s like attitude around the middle 😀

Check it out here : Tiekart Women Casual Silver Metal Belt.

20Dresses Party Belt

20Dresses Party Artificial Leather Belt


The right belt is a versatile accessory which will not completely take the attention away from an outfit.  Accessorize with: A solid or a printed skater dress and some high heeled sandals. Add a statement cuff to complete this stunning look. Black broad belt with filigree buckle. Elastic at the back for ease and comfort. Find it here – 20Dresses Women Party Black, Brown Artificial Leather Belt.

SkyWays Casual Belt

Skyways Casual Belt


Buckle it up in style with these classic belts. Comfortable & stylish, this belt acts as the perfect accessory to complete your look and make you stand out. Casual clothing gets a makeover this season. The brand offers you pieces that can be dressed up & down, so that you can go for both cute girl-next door look or for a powerful goddess look.Buy it here – Casual Belt .

Vero Moda 

Vera Moda Belt

This brown belt with its gold rings looks wonderful on a maxi dress. It can add to your tough woman act 😉 Check it out – Vero Moda Belt .

Calvino Formal Belt

Calvino Belt

A classy accessory never goes out of fashion, which makes this smart and elegant belt a must have in your accessory collection. Designed with great attention to detail, its unique buckle makes a lasting impression on the onlooker. Wear it with a formal white suit or a pencil skirt and formal shirt to give yourself a professional look. Have a look – White Formal Belt.

Women’s belts reflect class with glamour and great sophistication. Today, it has become an indispensable accessory for women. Wearing trendy and colorful belts with impressive patterns really adds that extra zing to your overall appearance. And in this world choosing a proper belt might have been difficult until you read this article. Now that you have some idea of the most stylish belts suitable for every occasion, let us know your favorite.


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