Stylish frames for every face and every taste!

We have all seen a lot of four-eyed people (people who wear glasses  :P) out there. So many reasons for that- genetic, sedentary lifestyle etc.. We can’t change that we all have defects, but what we can do is make the best out of it. Yup, you heard me right. You can always make wearing glasses interesting and quirky; you can turn them into accessories and use them to enhance your look! There are so many types of spectacles you could try on- rimless, rimmed, half-rimmed, round lenses, rectangular lenses, wafers, retro, whew! I could go on and on. Here’s a list of popular rim types and lens types you can sport:

The oval lenses:

oval lensesharry potter frame

Or should I rather say, “ The Harry Potter “ style. These metal rimmed oval or circle lens glasses would look amazing on a person who has smaller pixie like face. You might also want to try it on, if you just want to look like Daniel Radcliffe in the movie (especially if you have that complexion and straight hair)! That being said, make sure the glasses cover enough of your eye region, that is, make sure they aren’t too small for your face.

Nerd glasses:

nerd glasses white and black-nerd glasses


These big nerd style glasses are completely in fashion now. You might have seen scores of people wearing these glasses, whether are not they have to wear prescription spectacles. That is because, they suit most types of face shapes, be it round, oval, strawberry, or square and also come in lots of quirky designs. Sporting these glasses might be a bit of problem for people with a petite frame and small boned face; it might be too big for your face and may sit really awkward and also may not really blend with your figure type.

Half rimmed spectacles:

half rimmed glasses stylish half rims

These have always been a favourite of office people who want to look classy as well as well-read. Even if you are young, you can always opt for these kinds of glasses. They might make you stand out and look much more intelligent than the rest of the bunch. If you are older, you might want to try these on for formal wear like suits or other formal events to make the best impression on everyone!

Rimless glasses:

rimless eyeglasses rimless for men and women

Rimless glasses are a timeless classic for high end looks. They make you look uncomplicatedly elegant and sassy- like if you want to show who’s the boss here! They can be worn with any outfit, even sarees for that matter. They might not suit round faces or chubby cheeks, because there might not be any clearly defined lines. Though, they will really suit faces which have clear cut planes and angles, as it will compensate for the lack of definitions on the frames themselves.

Wayfarer frames:

black wayfarer wayfarer for ladies

Wayfarer frames are similar to nerd glasses, but are different in the fact that they might not really pop with colour. Wayfarers are usually in black, brown or burgundy colours. You would want to choose them if you want big glasses and at the same time, you want to look a bit more stern.


Whatever your face type, rest assured there will always be a perfect frame, just waiting to sit on your nose!!

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