Suit Up like a Boss: 10 Strict Rules

Nothing enhances your sex appeal than a perfectly crafted and a well fitted suit. It is said that a man looks the best in his suit, wearing it and wearing it well matters. Suits today have gone through several alterations and are available in many different forms. Every form has its own look and show; like Single Breasted, double Breasted, Tuxedo, One Button, Two Button and many others. It is important for men to know how to wear suits and the norms to be followed while wearing them which will in turn makes you look hot. Here are 10 strict rules to be followed while you wear a suit:

The last button must always remain open

We don’t really know the fact that the last button is there for the style quotient and we end up buttoning the second one which slightly hinders the look of a basic suit.

Make sure the top button of your shirt is buttoned

To look spot on, the top most button of the shirt must always be fastened. If the shirt chokes you and if you aren’t comfortable, its time you change it.

Unbutton the suit when you sit

It isn’t a good option to sit with your suit buttoned; it spoils your look and the suit. So always unbutton when sitting.

Be careful with the trousers

A perfectly crafted suit must have the right trousers. Make sure you aren’t wearing baggy ones or non-ironed ones; it’s a big NO-NO.

Accessorize well

Accessories go well with suits, doesn’t mean you go overboard with them. Make sure they are good and match what you wear. Always remember, sports watch doesn’t go with suits.

Shoes matter

Shoes must always complement the color of the suit. Some different combination will do but too many colors make it look bad. Combinations like Brown shoes with grey or blue suit.

Tie and belt funda

Though the colors and looks come secondary, the fitting is a primary concern. A suit looks best when the tip of the tie stops right before the buckle of the belt. Trial and error method will work.

Tie bar and shirt cuffs


Even these have their limitations. Tie bar is a good accessory but the tie bars shouldn’t go wider than the ties, makes it look weird and also the shirt cuffs shouldn’t cover your hands, it is better if the come out a little.

Gap matters

If it is a well-crafted jacket, there will be no space or gap between the collar of the shirt and the collar of the jacket. If there is space, it hinders the look.

Choose wisely

Most important rule is that you need to choose wisely, choose those things that suit you, like the color, fitting and others. Tux doesn’t look amazing on everybody, and then you can prefer a Double breasted jacket. The color also must go with your complexion. Hence, choose wise.

These rules are vital and need to be followed and worked on when you suit up. Only then can you suit up like a boss!

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