Summer Accessorizing

This summer, go the whole hog and accessorize like there’s no tomorrow. There are a million different ways by which you can flaunt your accessories and soak in the summer vibe. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


head chain

head chain

forehead chain


anchor back


Head and body chains are definitely the more up and coming accessories of this year. They give off a lovely bohemian, nature-child sort of vibe that everyone seems to want nowadays. These accessories can be found in most branded stores in a variety of designs- thick or thin, delicate or heavy. Mostly, thin gold head chains are preferred over the heavier ones, but to each their own! If don’t have this item in your accessories collection, I suggest you head to a shop and pick one up ASAP. Stores like Forever21 and Asos sell these, as do on-line stores.


flower crown

flower crown

Another fad that seems to have struck the young generation is the flower crown trend. You can sport this to give off a spring-summer vibe. They are the ultimate beach accessories, as not only do they add to the beauty of the sun and sea, they also complement beach wear perfectly. So the next time you’re heading to the beach, or even to a picnic, pair a flower crown with your light clothing and complete the fresh summer look. For a personal touch, make these flower crowns yourself with either real flowers, or plastic ones which are more long lasting. If you’re not that great with DIYs, head over to any craft store, flea market or brand store like F21 to get your hands on a flower crown.


Temporary Tattoo


If you have been craving a tattoo but are too apprehensive to get one, don’t worry! Temporary tattoos to the rescue. What used to be a childhood fad has turned into a full blown summer trend. They are easy to apply- you can sport a temporary tattoo in just a few steps, and can avoid burning a hole in your pocket. From personal experience, I’ve found that temporary tattoos from good companies like Gumtoo can last for quite a few days and have absolutely no side effects. You can either buy word tattoos, or even metallic tattoos that look gorgeous wrapped around your arm or made into a hand chain or anklet.


nail art

nail arts

Nail art takes a lot of work and skill, but when finished, is worth the effort. They are perfect for the summer as they are fun and bright, and can do wonders to glam up your outfit. You can get yourself a nail art kit, and start simple with basic lines and stripes on your nails. Once you’ve mastered that, move on to the heavier more detailed designs, and transform your nails into works of art. Who said you need a canvas to paint, right?




midi rings

midi rings

Another way to glam up your hands are to sport rings. Rings aren’t just limited to the ordinary ones that sit at the base of your fingers. Knuckle and above knuckle midi rings are all the rage now, and can be found literally anywhere. Buy a bunch of these and wear them all at once, to achieve that bling-y look. The best thing about small midi rings is that you can wear a number of them on your hands without overdoing it! You can buy simple gold tone rings, or delicately patterned rings, to jazz up your outfit.


phone cases

phone cover

I don’t have to say much about these- we all know that phone cases can instantly glamorize your outfit! Pick up a few aztec printed ones for days out with your friends, flower print ones for lazy days at the beach, or even heavily studded ones for a night out partying.

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