Switch to aqua workouts this summer!

There’s no time like summer time to lose those extra kilos. However, not many folks like sweating it out in the sweltering heat. The air-conditioned gym is a better option, yes, but its just too claustrophobic for you. It is for such people exactly that aqua workouts have been formed. And the good news? You don’t have to be a swimmer to participate! Here’s a look at some fat-burning aqua workouts you can practise at a pool near you.


This cool workout mainly replicates the slow and gentle moves of Tai Chi in water. So you’ll be waving your hands in the clouds and doing the crane, but only standing up to your shoulders in the water. Aquachi had been created by  combining  Tai Chi concepts Shiatsu and Watsu techniques.

Benefits: it increases oxygen and calorie consumption. It is also a perfect relaxation technique for stressed muscles and ideal for creating an improved range of motion and mobility.


aqua tai chi


This is the most comprehensive set of adaptations of classic yoga in water. Aqua Kriya Yoga is a style of water instruction that brings the benefits of yoga to people who are not able to practice on a yoga mat due to physical limitations or disease. The kriya emphasizes on breath, props, and alignment. This form of aqua workouts makes complete use of the water for fitness and well-being.

Benefits: it will especially benefit those with arthritis, anxiety, people with difficulty balancing and beginners as well as people who already have a regular practice.

aqua yoga



This one is a body conditioning programme that relies on strengthening the core ‘postural muscles’ of the back and stomach. Equipment like noodles, thera band, fitness sticks are used for this.

Benefits: it is designed to achieve a leaner physique. It uses rollers to push down into the water, which is good for muscles between the shoulder blades.

aqua pilates

aqualates using rollers


This aqua workout is beautifully done by two people working together in sync. It is very meditative and a lot of fun.

Benefits: it’s all about teamwork and perfect coordination in this game. Lots of resistance, agility and body sculpting are major benefits.

aqua tango

Aqua tango is all about teamwork

5. Aqua Work Outs with AQUA AEROBICS

Done mostly vertically and without swimming, typically in waist-deep water, aqua aerobics is a form of aqua workouts as a type of resistance training. The focus here is on aerobic endurance, resistance training, and creating an enjoyable atmosphere with music.

Benefits: it is a low impact version of aerobics and hence places no stress on joints like regular aerobics does. It stimulates the mind and relieves stress.

aqua aerobics

aqua aerobics 2

With these aqua workouts, you can burn 8 times more calories than floor exercises as the body works against the resistance of water. Added to that, even after a rigorous session, you do not have to come out feeling sweaty and tired. On the contrary, you are fresh. It also decreases any swelling in the body and provides massage and muscular tension release. Plus you can do all this without getting your hair wet! So what are you waiting for, join a class now!


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