Summer Clothing Must-Haves!

It’s finally time to get rid of those layers and wear thin and comfortable clothing, reveal your curves and feel at your best, yes you see it right… SUMMER IS HERE! Ah, summer, the season to go all out with colors and patterns. There’s something for everyone in summer. In my opinion, summer is an expression of your own self, you speak through your colors and your clothes scream your personality. Besides, I can’t think of anybody who’d rather dress up as a grinch in summer. This summer go all out in experimenting with new colors and trends!

From dresses to shorts to bikinis, there’s something for everyone to binge on. So girls get out there and start your summer wardrobe hunt and I am going to be giving you tips to get your summer must-haves!
Tank Tops

Tank Tops2Tank Tops

Tank Tops are very versatile and handy. Wear it by itself or layer it or wear it as a chemise, they work in many ways. I can think of innumerable outfits with a tank top by itself. It’s more of a wardrobe basic must-have. Usually stores launch different colors of tank tops in the summer season, ranging from pastels to neon. In my opinion, the 5 absolutely must have colors in your wardrobe are: Black, White, Plum, Pink, Ink Blue. Besides having block colors I also think pastels are must-haves. Lavenders, Pista green, periwinkle blue are great colors!


Denim Shorts

Denim shorts2Denim shorts

One can just never have enough denim in the wardrobe. Denims can be paired with anything and everything and denim shorts are probably an icing on the cake of summer. The length of shorts is absolutely under your discretion. Denim shorts are readily available in all clothing stores or obviously you could always make your own pair from an old pair of jeans you might own. They work with different types of outfits and are probably the most comfortable on-the-go pieces of clothing.


Little Black Dress


It’s not a summer must have, it’s an all time must-have. A girl needs an LBD, period. There need not be any occasion to whip out your LBD, wear it to the mall or a formal event, it will work the way you want it too. Want to make your LBD more summer-tastic? Just put on a bright and funky scarf or some neon shoes and accessories and boom you’re good to go.

Crop tops                                                

 crop-tops   crop-tops2                                                                                                             

Now, if you’re under the impression that crop-tops are skimpy and only for flat-tummy girls, you are absolutely wrong! Crop tops scream summer. They come in different cuts, styles and fittings. If you feel a little artsy then you can make your own from a old t-shirt that you no longer use, and there are enough videos on Youtube to teach you to do that.

If you’re a person shy to show skin and wearing a crop top doesn’t seem appealing to you, but they’re too pretty to resist, then definitely keep your eyes glued.

Styling a crop top more conservative is not a mind boggling task, it’s more of creativity.

The easiest way is to wear a complimenting color of tank top under your crop top to make it look sassy and fun!

Another way is to wear high-waisted shorts/pants or a pencil skirt. My main tip would be to check the length of the crop top well before buying, really short crop tops with skirts can make it look a bit skimpy



Maxi Skirts/Dresses

maxi skirtsMaxi dress

Maxi Dresses/Skirts are an absolute must have for the season of summer, they’re free flowing, conservative and make you look the absolute best in this hot season. Maxi dresses/skirts by themselves look glamorous already and can be spiced up by just adding a few pieces of jewelry and simple flats or wedges. If you’re short, don’t fear to step into a maxi dress, wear a maxi dress with a simple pair of nude wedges will make your figure look slender and long. They fit everyone and can transform you into an absolute chic Goddess!


I hope these tips do you good and you have an absolutely fruitful summer. Don’t forget to smile and click selfies in your newly acquired summer wardrobe!

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