Summer Footwear : The Must Have

Its summer and we get that you’d be eager to dress yourself in the most flattering of clothes, perfect for a fun summer day. But while you’re at it, why not dress up your feet too? Modest, rough-use footwear have given way to trendy, chic pieces to adorn your feet, all the while giving you the comfort of a trusty, worn out pair of shoes.  Here are a few options to try out-

Designer Flip Flops




Sure, we’ve all worn flip flops innumerable times- to the beach, to a pool party, to grab some groceries. Some of us are even guilty of wearing them to college! Why not take it up a notch with designer flip flops? A new range of these have flooded the markets. Flip flops in different colours, materials and designs to suit almost every occasion. So give your old rubber flip-flops a rest, go out and find a pair of designer ones.

Closed Ankle Sandals

closed ankle


closed ankle2

A little twist to classic ballet flats, closed ankle sandals are very light and summery. They’re also very versatile- you can wear them down to the beach, or even pair them with a dress for a night out. A black or nude pair would best suit all your needs, but if you’re ready to go in for brighter, fresh colours, then more power to you! Colours like mint green, yellow, and emerald green are quick and easy attention-grabbers.




The 21st Century’s got women sporting gladiators just as perfectly as the Ancient Romans, if I do say so myself. These footwear have been trending for the past couple of months, and will definitely score you some brownie points in the style department if you step out wearing them. Of course, they’re not so great on the tanning front, but what’s a little sacrifice in the face of trends right? Get these in a neutral colour like black to match all your outfits. You can either opt for a neat ankle length pair, or go in for a dramatic knee length pair. You also have the option of choosing flats or heels, depending on the occasion and your comfortability.




Espadrilles are quite uncommon on Indian streets, which is quite surprising, given that they’re so comfortable and chic. I dare say one can easily navigate potholes in those shoes, with agility! For those who don’t know, espadrilles are normally casual, flat shoes that have a jute rope sole, which is their defining characteristic, originating in the Pyrenees. Nowadays, the upper part of the shoes can be of any material, usually cloth, and the heel can be either flat or heeled.

Fringe Sandals




Fringed everything is definitely in. Bags, bikinis, totes, tops, and now even sandals- the fringe is everywhere. They tend to lend your outfit a chic almost bohemian vibe a la Coachella. Most fringed items I’ve seen are made of suede or leather, and in neutral, earthy colours. If you want a decent comfortable pair of sandals but don’t want to splurge on a simple pair, then go ahead and buy a pair of fringed sandals and channel that summer vibe. You can up the ante by choosing fringed heels too. A tip – don’t have on more than one fringed item at a time, it looks overdone and sometimes, a tad bit tacky.

So this sure was some amazing footwear this summer. Have you bought yours yet?


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