Summer Hairstyles DIY

In the coming few days, summer will arrive and so will all the heat, pollution and stress! It becomes very difficult to keep your hair open at all times during summer, but you can’t also compromise with fashion and tie them in a bun, am I right? So girls, here is your fashion fix to all the hairstyles that you can don in summers and look fabulous and effortlessly chic!

Casual Braid

You can always opt for a casual braid, which will look great if you’re wearing a summer dress or even a tee and shorts. If you want to make it look even trendier, you can go for a side braid, a fishtail or French braid too!




Easy Pony Tails

Pony tails are the easiest way to make yourself look like a million dollars without actually doing much. You can opt for a super high pony tail if you want the sleek look, or a super low one too. You can also go for a side pony tail. Don’t forget to tie your hair with bright colored bands!



Half Tied

You can always opt for semi tied hair too. You just have to part your hair, and tie the upper part of your hair in a pony. It gives a sophisticated look at the front, and since your hair is open at the back, it allows you to rock both the looks.

Half tied


Messy Buns

You can go for a top knot for a flatter and smoother look, but if you don’t want that, you can always let some loose hair strangle down your face. You can also let your short strands of hair hanging from both sides and tie the rest of your hair into a messy bun. If you want to go a different way, you can choose a twisted look for your bun too – just roll back the strands along your hairline, and keep on adding more hair to it. Just make sure that the bun is completely secure with pins. You can also put on some hairsprays to hold the bun.



Side buns

One can opt for a low side bun to look glam at parties. Tie your hair into a messy bun but don’t forget to leave some strands of your hair in the front. They give a very effortless look and also help to frame the face.



So try these hairstyles in the summer season and look fabulous!




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