Summer-Ready Foot Fashion Guide For Men: The Best Summer Shoes

Every year when summer rolls around, most men find themselves wondering what the best summer-ready shoes are. Trends are ever-changing, and despite the undeniable cloud-like comfort of the infamous crocs shoes, some shoe trends will have you drawing attention for all the wrong reasons. So, to step out in confidence and style this summer, be sure to include these trendy summer shoes for men in your collection of foot fashions.


Jesus Sandals

You don’t have to be religious to know what men’s Jesus sandals are, as these strappy men’s shoes have genuinely been around since the beginning of time. However, these days there are various styles available as some are more strappy while others are more of a slip-on design. Most Jesus sandals are available in black and brown leather, and it is always best to opt for genuine leather as the higher quality will withstand the test of time, just as this historical shoe has. It is best to wear these sandals with knee-length shorts or ankle-grazer jeans while you should strictly avoid pairing them with socks.


Casual Loafers

There’s a nearly endless variety of men’s loafers available as some are significantly less casual than others. Because your focus is finding the perfect summer shoe rotation, you should opt for a more relaxed tassel design loafer in laid-back fabrics such as denim while considering your color choice as well. Casual loafers are perfect for around the house, although they are also suitable for social events that aren’t too formal. It will be worth it to consider getting a few different pairs of loafers as these shoes are proving somewhat timeless in terms of men’s fashion trends as they have been around for quite some time already, even though they are not nearly as timeless as Jesus sandals. 


Iconic Sliders

Sliders are the perfect alternative to flip-flops. While flip-flops are really only suitable for the beach or around the house, sliders are notably more versatile when pulling together casual outfits. As mentioned above, you should strictly avoid pairing socks with any sandal design as the visual result is not pleasing to the eyes. When choosing sliders, it is best to opt for iconic brands such as Puma, Adidas, or Reebok as the quality is undeniably superior. These summer shoes offer superb comfort, and they are also easy to pair with various types of casual men’s outfits.


Slip-On Sneakers

Slip-on sneakers are basically sneakers without the lace or strap detail. These shoes are casual, comfortable, and perfect for summer, although you can use them right throughout the year as a notably versatile men’s shoe. You will be able to find a variety of styles and colors to compliment most outfit choices, and while they are casual, they do pair well with chinos and golf-shirts, making them perfect for relaxed evening outings as well. It is best to purchase a few pairs of secret socks for slip-on sneakers as regular socks are not recommended.


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