Summer Wardrobe Essentials For Men

Summers are definitely a relief for many given that you don’t need to be covered in those million layers of clothes anymore but it has its own set of troubles. While women seem to have a bag full of options to choose from for their daily work and casual wear, the men seem to be lacking that advantage, but not anymore.

You obviously don’t want to be sweating in that shirt that you’ve had to wear all day at work and you certainly can’t avoid those circular patches of sweat that form near your armholes can you? But what you can do is introduce a few essential additions in your summer wardrobe that can help you sail through the scorching days without much hassle.

1. ‘SHIRT’ UP!

hamilton non chmabray shirt

What is obvious is that you cant avoid wearing formal shirts at your workplace because that’s what the dress code says, right? What you can avoid is pure chambray shirts. The look of a chambray shirt definitely looks appealing but it might not be the best choice of fabric type especially if your working environment is generally warm. Instead, go in for the Hamilton non chambray shirt which is made of the softest cotton.

You could also go for poplin shirts or shirts made of mélange, light cotton blends and linen.


poplin shirt
Poplin shirt


Melange formal shirt
Melange formal shirt

Avoid bright colours for office.



denim jacket    Denim shirt 2   Denim shirt

Denim shirts are a must this season! This trend is soon catching everyone’s eye whatever the gender may be. Go grab a light denim shirt or jacket at your nearest branded store! You could go for dark colours or washed denims, whatever suits you best.



Zara cotton suit blazer
Zara cotton suit blazer
Ralph Lauren Cotton Blazer
Ralph Lauren Cotton Blazer

Now, before you widen your eyes at the thought of wearing something like a blazer in the scorching heat remember that I am talking about COTTON blazers. They are extremely comfortable, much more breathable and you get to deliver your look in style. A great pick for a summer meeting or date. Zara and Polo Ralph Lauren seem to be topping the list in this segment.


slim fit stretched jeans

Slim fit jeans flatter your physique and the stretch factor helps give you a great fit. A must have for all men on a casual outing.


men's shorts


men's cargo shorts


denim shorts

A few pair of shorts are a ‘must-have’ in every guy’s wardrobe. You cant possibly spend the entire summers in jeans and trousers, right? Plus, shorts are way too smart and chic to be left out. You may choose from a huge variety including cargo, denim and camo military printed shorts.


crew neck t shirtcrew neck t shirt 2

Another one of those essential wardrobe elements that every guy must have. White, navy blue and pastel shades are perfect for a day out in the sun. These colours would keep you cool and light.



Polo Ralph Lauren
Polo Ralph Lauren

Surviving in the sun during peak summers can be a hell of a task. And choosing the right shades is no less of a task too. Going for the right pair of sunglasses or aviators is very important as they can either make or break your look. Plus they reflect who you are and give your persona a whole new dimension.

Rayban, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Versace, Michael Korps and Persol are the top brands that you can turn to for selecting your shades.


straw hat summer hats

Hats and caps seem to be an apt choice apart from sunglasses that can save your day from the sun. Summer hats and straw hats are the hottest trends this summer. They add style and class to the look thus keeping the fashion quotient high.



Beige men loafers
Beige men loafers
Black, tan and brown Oxfords shoes
Black, tan and brown Oxfords shoes

As a famous saying goes, “Shoes are the finishing touch on any outfit and it is important to complete a look with the perfect pair!” it is quite evident that choosing the right footwear with every outfit is in fact, without a doubt, plays a pivotal role in completing it. Also, one pair of shoes can go with various ensembles and hence, once you’ve chosen a worthy pair consider it a favour you’ve done to yourself as you save the confusion of choosing the ‘right’ pair of shoes for many looks.

Black and tan Oxfords or Monk shoes are the safest options for formalwear whereas beige, black, and dark coloured Derbies/loafers/sneakers are my favourite picks for casual summer wear.

Avoid wearing too heavy or big shoes as they only add unnecessary heat to your feet and make them very sweaty. Also, avoid sandals and open footwear unless it’s a semi casual outing or closed shoes seem unbearable to you.



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