Suneet Varma’s Bridal Romance at BMW IBFW

Suneet Varma closed this season’s BMW India Bridal Fashion Week, at the DLF Emporio Mall, New Delhi with the stunning Pernia Qureshi as the showstopper.

I could not help but include a whole lot of 10 pictures from his collection! These bridal coutures will definitely be a dream for every bride-to-be this season.

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The Suneet Varma collection for Fall 2015 showcased at BMW India Bridal Fashion Week is based on the grandeur of the Ottoman Empire and the beautiful poetry of the renowned poet Omar Khayyam who was one of the greatest Persian philosophers and poet wo wrote the love couplets in The Rubaiyat.

“An inspired life should never lack fire, or be deprived of the light of a heart ablaze…,so, it;s written in the book of love.”- Omar Khayyam. This couture collection is based on the art and literature of Persia- The love poems, the lyrical motifs, the decorative arts, the Persian blues, the soft pastels and the nostalgic shades of gold and rose. The accessories worn were handmade for this collection.

The stage setup of the final was based on the Topkapi Palace- which is the greatest livinf example of grandeur of the Ottoman Empire and is a large palace in Istanbul, Turkey.

Designer Suneet Varma did complete justice to the mesmerising Persian culture by beautifully crafting this couture collection for BMW which left everyone gasping.

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