Sunscreen For Every Skin Type

If you believe that the sun can only cause harm to your skin during scorching summers, think again! During winters, it can damage our skin equally and continue bothering us with problems like skin ageing. So, here is your guide on how to pick a sunscreen according to your skin type, especially during winter.

Dry Skin

YONKA Body Specifics Phyto 152 Skin Tightening Cream - Firming & Vivifying
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Dry skin tends to be drier in the winter months and often shows signs of flakiness and cracks. If not treated and nourished properly. To combat this, apply a cream-based sunscreen that will protect your skin while nurturing it from deep within. Opt for a sunscreen with SPF more than 150.

 Oily Skin

NIVEA Sun Super Water Gel 80g - SPF50 PA+++
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Opt for a water-based sunscreen lotion for proper sun protection. The water content in your product will not only hydrate your skin but pacify its thirst as you roam around under the sun this winter. A sun guard with aloe vera/calendula can prove to be a safe bet for everyone with oily skin.

Combination Skin

OLAY Complete All Day Moisturizer with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 - Combination/Oily
PRICE : Rs 2412

Combination skin has an oily T-zone along with contemporary drier cheeks and jaw line. Therefore, it is necessary to treat these specific parts with specific care. So, slather some water-based sunscreen on your T-zone including forehead, nose and chin–and use a rich cream-based one for the rest of your face.

Normal Skin

     OLAY Complete All Day Moisturizer With Sunscreen Normal 120 Ml
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Normal skin tends to be dry in winter and therefore demands extra care. Go for a rich-creamy face wash in order not to deprive your skin of its moisture. Similarly, a sunscreen with a creamy texture might work wonders for you and allow you to have that sunbath!

 Sensitive Skin

NEUTROGENA sensitive skin sunscreen lotion-SPF 60-
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Avoid any sun guard containing harsh chemicals or a lot of fragrance/perfume. Preferably, go for medicated or fragrance-free ones. As skin is usually sensitive to certain ingredients in products, figure out what can harm you and stay away fro it. Choose products designed for sensitive skin.

Sunscreen is an important part of a sun protection regimen that should also include seeking shade, avoiding UV tanning, and wearing protective clothing. By educating yourself about your many sunscreen options, you can be confident that the product you choose will fit your particular needs, offering you the best protection from the sun’s harmful rays — and helping to ensure that you use it regularly. After all, the sunscreen you apply consistently is the best sunscreen of all.

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