Super easy DIY leaf earrings to make from stuff from your closet

It’s more than common to find stuff while cleaning up your closet that can be easily upcycled into funky other goods. Old shoes, worn out bags, and old jeans are a good source of denim to use for other purposes. Why not make some quirky denim DIY earrings out of them? So, if you’re planning on cleaning your closet anytime soon, here is a new DIY project that you so surely need to read before you throw out all the old stuff and regret later!

Materials you’ll need:

1. Denim scraps

Search your closet for any worn out canvas or denim shoes, old denims that you forgot you even owned, or some old jackets to cut some fabric scraps according to the size of the DIY earrings you want to make.

2. Scissors

You’ll need a sharp pair of scissors for this work to get a clean finish. Blunt scissors will leave fabric strands sticking out.

3. Earring hooks

While cleaning your vanity also look for some earring pieces that you no longer like or if one piece of the pair is lost. These earrings are equivalent to useless, but you can still use parts of them. Carefully take out the hooks off them and throw away the rest.

4. An empty ball pen

This is just a sharp point that you’ll use to poke holes in the fabric.

5. Glue


Once you’ve got some old pieces of denim, cut out some scrapes big enough to fit your desired DIY earrings size. You may want to clean the fabric off of other residues and stitching marks. Now that you’ve got your clean material to work on, grab a pencil and draw the shape of earrings as you like. You can browse the internet for more design ideas if you need some.

Cut out one piece you’ve drawn and use it as a stencil to draw the other. This method will ensure that you get both pieces of the exact same size and they look even when worn together. Now, cut out the other one too. You will now have two identical pieces of denim. Take the ball pen and poke two hole on the circular top to make way for the hook.

Twist the earring hook loop closure sideways, slide it through the holes and close it. Glue the top fabric togher to may the hold tighter.

Your own pair of denim leaf DIY earrings are ready. DIY is not the ideal way of going intor professional jewellery making but it sure is a fun way to get the job done of getting some funky styles out of your own closet and also to upcycle your old stuff.


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