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Time for Grooms to be in the SPOTLIGHT in 7 killer ways!

Time for Grooms to be in the SPOTLIGHT in 7 killer ways!

      Today’s discussion is Grooms and all about their “I am the cool dude” style. Have you wondered that your would be wife is having her dream come true marriage and it is definitely special and memorable for her. I guess guys never understand his feeling and that is the sole reason all […]

Knot up! 10 ways to style your tie differently

Knot up! 10 ways to style your tie differently

Every time a well dressed man walks by, we are sure to give the once over look, that too if he’s wearing a clean cut chic suit.For me, personally, the tie completes every man’s attire and gives him that extra cutting edge to his looks. So, here are a few tie knots that we all […]

10 Popular Trends your Boyfriend Won’t Understand

10 Popular Trends you Boyfriend Won't Understand

We girls love to follow all the trends that are fashionable and makes us look gorgeous. Keeping up-to-date with the Fashion & Beauty world is of utmost importance. Hence , it becomes vital for us to screen through all possible trends and follow as much as possible. That is the reason why so many Fashion […]

Fashion Faux Pas You Don’t Want to Try : 5 Fashion Blunders you cannot ignore

Fashion Faux Pas You Don't Want to Try : 5 Fashion Blunders you cannot ignore

We all take a leap of faith in fashion sometime and not every time does it pay off. With soooo many trends sweeping by every year, many fail to kick off even a little. All these became a problem when people started dressing for fashion rather than comfort. Sometimes, you go out wearing something u […]

8 Engagement Rings He can’t say “NO” to!

Engagement Rings

It’s been a taboo for a long time that Engagement Rings are for women, break that myth and get your would be hubby that special Engagement ring, which he cannot say “No” to. Gift him these rings and trust me, he’ll never take that ring off, so you can be rest assured, sit back and […]

“MUN” with Style!

light shade shirt

From Schools to Colleges, Every one is talking about The Model United Nations! Yes!! You heard it right, the official conferences held at various colleges to broadcast ones speaking skills and discuss the actual problems the world is facing just as the real world leaders do at The United Nations. I know that’s some serious […]


women's workout clothing

Whether you’re an athlete or just a gym freak, wearing the right attire is of utmost importance so that you feel at ease during your workout. There are no set rules or uniforms but some types of clothes are simply better than others when it comes to comfortable active wear or gym wear. Moreover, who […]

London Shopping Guide: Where to Shop in London?


Hello everyone!! Today I have come up with a super exciting article especially for all the girls. Shopping in UK is everybody’s dream workout, but where to exactly shop? Everybody knows about chanel, Dior and other international brands, but what about some awesome boutiques which you miss? Today I will be telling you about Some […]


A-Z items every men need

It might seem like a guy’s outfit can’t be too hard to pick out. Just put on some jeans, pick out the first t-shirt you see and wear any shoes that seem like they’ll match. And ta-daa he’s ready. If I had to pack for a guy, I’d put 2 pairs of jeans, a few […]

Sweatshirts : Which Is Your Type?

A simple sweatshirt.

Hello people! Today in this article we are gonna talk about all time favourite SWEATSHIRTS! So, let’s talk about what exactly a typical sweatshirt is? It’s loose, and warm. Nowadays, sweatshirts are not just of cotton fabric but a lot of different fabrics. Sweatshirt is the only garment that can fit into any body kind, […]