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Bookish Obsessions-Wear Your Geek On Your Sleeve!


Are you a bookworm? Or just a lover of books? Or you love all things pop? Either way, you must have come across lines or quotes that keep you happy. Some might make you think, others might inspire you. How would you love to carry around those words of wisdom with you? From t-shirts to […]

Suit Up like a Boss: 10 Strict Rules

Suit Up like a Boss: 10 Strict Rules

Nothing enhances your sex appeal than a perfectly crafted and a well fitted suit. It is said that a man looks the best in his suit, wearing it and wearing it well matters. Suits today have gone through several alterations and are available in many different forms. Every form has its own look and show; […]

10 Best Looks for Men for Valentine’s Day

10 Best Looks for Men for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up and so everyone is bound to be excited about it as it is a day of joy and a day to celebrate your love. Couples find special things to do on the day. Single people revel in the celebrations and hope to find love in their lives. Even non-couples celebrate […]

Men’s Fashion: Best Friend’s Wedding Wear!

Men's Fashion: Best Friend's Wedding Wear!

Indian weddings are often the big fat ones with so much grandeur and beauty. People have their own attires and everyone has their own standard or status in the wedding. Just look around and find so many different people, their dressing and the enjoyment; be it selfless dancing, having fun or weeping in the Vidai. […]

“Trendy Transit”- 7 best bollywood celebs’ airport looks!

"Trendy Transit"- 7 best bollywood celebs' airport looks!

“Whatever you do, do it in style”, is what they say! And I totally abide by that! Come on guys, Cushnie et ochs rightly mentioned, “life is too short to wear boring clothes”! Whatever you say, whatever you do, there has to be a certain style and attitude in that if you want to shine […]

Class Over Swag: 8 tips to be a perfect Gentleman!

Class Over Swag: 8 tips to be a perfect Gentleman!

Class, Charm and Chivalry, not all men have these qualities in them, but those who do, are considered gentlemen. It must also be considered that it is really strenuous to inculcate these qualities in our lives and be called a gentleman. To appear classy is not easy, it is definitely not like a switch which […]

Jazz Up Your Office Wear: Remove The Boredom

Jazz Up Your Office Wear: Remove The Boredom

On the system, having coffee, nine to five working hours for four days a week and most importantly the mandatory dress code; these are the simple ways in which an office functions. Everything can be sustained but not the boring mandatory dress code. Some offices have mandatory dress code for a day or for a […]

Men’s Fashion- Must Haves In A Man’s Wardrobe!

Men's Fashion- Must Haves In A Man's Wardrobe!

It is not at all a hard nut to crack  for  men to look stylish and classy, and that too effortlessly! They just need to have certain basic pieces in their wardrobes which they can mix and match and look absolutely amazing! Rightly quoted by the Canadian actress Lexa Doig, “Men with style are great, because […]

Top 10 Luxury Watches For Men

Top 10 Luxury Watches For Men

Dressing up is not just about clothing but, it is also about the accessories that influence the way you present yourself. There are so many accessories that can be worn, but watches stand out in them! Watches today are not just a tool to tell time but today are a mark of charm, opulence and […]

Top 10 Outfits for the Bride’s Brother

Top 10 Outfits for the Bride's Brother

Wedding seasons always get everyone’s nerves in a tangle! You’re under pressure to send the cards, get the venue booked and the absolute nightmare- shopping for the entire family! The bride, her mom, her brother, the dad, grandad, grandma, cousins and the list goes on. And during weddings everyone looks at the ladies, but we […]