Swimsuit Shopping Tips For Curvy Girls

I think we can all agree that no matter what your body type is, it is always a pain to find the perfect swimsuit which flatters your body. We can blame unrealistic body standards and the over use of Photoshop in all the Spring/Summer advertising campaigns for that. But thankfully brands and designers both are now paying attention to diverse body types and they are trying to get rid of their hitherto one-size-fits-all approach. These are some tips that work around to make look hot no matter what is your shape.


1. Thick Straps Are Your Best Friends

Blue High Waist Tankini w TwistWhite Hipster Style Bikini

If you’re well endowed in the bust area, you should look for thick straps and under-wiring to keep everything in place while you go and have fun. Look for good support and stay away from padding. You can try halter styles like this baby here.

2. Try Color Blocking Or Print Blocking

Print Blocking Plus Size Bikini Graphic SwimsuitColour Blocking Swimsuit

Color blocking is a trend that flatters everyone by default. Try to find a scheme with vertical lines and divides your body structure down vertically. And if you’re feeling more adventurous try print blocking which is essentially the same things but with prints. Give a chance to micro prints!


3. Say Hi To The Midikini


Peekaboo Top MidikiniTropical Midi Swimsuit

Basically this is the silver lining between your bikini and the tankini. Another super sexy trend for the ladies with ample chest. This gives you better coverage on the top and contours your curves for a more sultry look.

4. Add Some Rhythm To It

Aztec Flounce Flare BikiniBlack Fringe Bikini

If you want to add more interest to your beach bum, you can change up the silhouette and try off shoulder styles. Try out some flare and fringe (which is such a hot spring trend right now) as this makes the eye move and movements are always more irresistible.


5. Give Cut Outs A Try

Cosmic Cutout One PieceBlack n White Cutout Swimsuit

A good way to create visual interest is cut outs because they do essentially the same thing that color blocking does but its more unexpected and adds a big oomph factor to your ensemble.


6. Pick Out Some Embellishments

Teal Bow Design SwimsuitMetallic Plus Size Black SwimsuitBlack Bathing Suit w Bow

You can easily create the illusion of a sexier hourglass silhouettes with strategic embellishments and we love some sparkle so why spare the beach from it. But if glitzy isn’t your taste, you can also go for ruffles, knots, embroidery or bows and strut them in style.


7. Understand Your Shape

Target Loves Everybody Campaign

I know we’ve all heard that one before but without knowing this you can admire all the bizarre trends in the world and never have the courage to pull anything off. You need to keep your favourite features in mind and highlight them. You should buy the swimsuit in separates if you don’t quite like how one of the pieces fit. Find a size that fits you very well as this is half the time the main problem why an ensemble isn’t flattering you. Buy radical proportions and high waisted styles if you want to cover up your less than favourite parts. Have fun with it!

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