T-shirts Every Man Should Own

T-shirts are arguably one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing that you can own. That being said, they are not really what one would term as ‘fashionable’ clothing. T-shirts are extremely comfortable. They are not restrictive, at least for most people because there are those that tend to wear a size too small. The term t-shirt creates visions of relaxation. Some might even say that t-shirts give the wearer permission to relax.

So how do you take a utilitarian t-shirt and turn it into something fashionable and trendy that can be worn for different occasions? Read on to know how.

Crew neck Tee

It may have short sleeves or long sleeves, although most men opt for short sleeves for versatility. It is the most popular choice of youth. The fabric that makes the neckline on a crew neck is typically ribbed and sewn onto the shirt or sweater as a separate piece.

crew-neck-tee- crew-neck-tee-.jpg 2

V-neck Tee

A deep V-neck T-shirt displays a swath of skin. A V-neck T-shirt has a V-shaped neckline. Younger men with toned muscles may want a short-sleeved version with a deeper V to show off their chest.

vneck-tee.jpg 2 vneck-tee

Ringer Tee

The body of the shirt is one color, while narrow strips around the neck and sleeves feature a contrasting color.Ringer T-shirts can have a vintage flair or an athletic feel, depending on the colors and cut of the shirt.

White ringer tee.jpg 2

Graphic Tee

It has a mess of colors and irregular designs by designers. Some graphic tees feature the logo, mascot, or brand name of the manufacturer in various interesting fonts or stylistic representations.

graphic tee.jpg 2 graphic tee

Polo Tee

Polo shirts are usually made of knitted cloth with short sleeves designed for comfort and casual wear. This style has a placket with 2 or 3 buttons and an optional pocket.

polo tee.jpg 2 polo tee

Pocket Tee

Pocket tees have withstood several fashion revolution. At the end of the day, a regular guy would still prefer their Hanes pocket tees. Pocket tees are not limited to short sleeved tees. Long sleeve pocket tees are a common sight in semi-formal attires and even in the corporate world hidden under those luxurious suits.

pocket tee pocket tee.jpg 2

Henley Tee

Henley T’s looks like a polo, but with the collars lopped off. It’s a short or long-sleeved pullover sport shirt, usually of cotton, with a round neckband and an often covered neckline placket.

henley tee.jpg 2 henley tee

T-shirts lack formality, which makes it difficult to convince your boss that they belong in the business casual category. When selecting T-shirts, men should also ensure that they choose not only the right style but also the right size. For online purchases, trying the shirt on may not be an option.

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