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Best Dressed In Black At The Grammys 2016

Best Dressed In Black At The Grammys 2016

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards brought a lot of glam, and a lot of black! Black is generally considered a safe and simple option, but these ladies sure do look stunning. Hitting the red carpet with their own personal style, here are six gorgeous (black) looks from the Grammy 2016 Red Carpet. 1. Adele: This […]


fashion brands around the world

The fashion market has been growing over the past couple of years and is still continuing on an upward trend. All these brands have inspired a million knock-offs. Read on to this article and find out the World’s Top 10 Most Powerful Fashion Brands, which are highly popular among the innumerable fashion lovers. 1. CHANEL […]

Be Curvy, Be stylish – Plus is a plus!


Tired of looking at those flat chested reed thin size zero models, this article is for women who are bold enough to flaunt their curves and are not afraid to show that plus is more. Let’s be realistic- none of the real world women look like the models that until recently adorned the pages of […]

6 Chubby Celebrities Who Flaunted Their Curves Best


There many celebrities out in the world who are chubby. But, all we know about are the skinny ones. Not until recently have people started to accept and love celebrities other than skinny ones. Even celebrities are human beings and hence tend to lose as well as gain weight, the slim person you are looking […]