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Alexander McQueen Resort wear 2016

alexander mcqueen

  If you look at Alexander McQueen’s fall collection 2016 featuring elegant dying autumn, your mind will be soon thinking about “romance”, “beauty”, “positivity”, “flowers blooming”. Colors of spring and the hollyhocks, beautiful butterflies and violets, all of that was stitched onto extraordinary tulle (net fabric) evening dresses. “It’s the very opposite of last season’s […]

Celebrity Footwear : PUMP up the show

Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardasian Film Scenes For Their Show

You must’ve seen it all almost everywhere; from the ramps to the streets, from high-street fashion to the red carpet and from star-lit parties to everyday street-style. The star of this post is the most foolproof fashion footwear, that has been a trend for almost every season in the sartorial world. PUMPS. The obsession list […]

The Eight must-read books for every Fashionista

The Golden Age of Couture

What’s more glamorous than a book-worm? A fashionable book-worm, natch . Every fashionista needs to be well-informed in the arena of fashion literature which is sadly, less numerous, so to speak. This compiled list of fashion bibles are a must-have and gives an amazing insight with illustrations, into the history and anatomy of what we […]

Fashionable TV Shows to Watch!


As a fashion enthusiast one always looks forward to what is new in the market and what new fashion can be seen on the small screen. From the Upper East Side to the chicest costumes of the Victorian Era, these shows have taken in the best of fashion to gain more viewers like you and […]

The Sci-Fi Fashion

THE LIGHT SHOW : Alexander McQueen

Sci-fi fashion , something which is not well touched in India , but isn’t it mesmerising to be the show stopper? Not to wear these garments , but yes to take the concepts like 3D printing, use of metal, lurex !! So, lets have a look on the London’s sci-fi film festival!! Given fashion’s forward-looking […]