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Essentials of a woman’s wardrobe

Fashion has become an important part of our lives and each and everyone of us wants to look fashionable everyday. Fashion is basically how comfortable you are in what you are wearing and at the same time staying stylish and classy. There are a lot of trends that come from time to time and people […]



AHH!!  Bags.. they are the one accessory that you just couldn’t live without .Everybody love’s bags so here is my list of the 8 sexy bags to own this season 1)  SAINT LAURENT Sexy ,sleek ,elegant ,fashionable and the list continues to describe this black alligator print saint Laurent bag. This bag is specially designed […]

What’s in my handbag


This is such a classic lifestyle post and although a lot of people tend to steer clear of accepting it, I would say the truth. Yes, I love seeing what’s in other people’s handbags! It’s so much fun to discover a few new things and well, who doesn’t like being a tad bit nosey. Coming […]