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Best and the worst dressed celebs in VMA 2015


VMA is always known for its bold and sexy red carpet. Some are fashion disasters while some just burn the red carpet with their looks. VMA 2015 could be regarded as the best in the history to display some of the best dressed and of the hideous ones too. 1) NICKI MINAJ Usually I find […]

16 Reasons Why You Ought to Dress up Each Day

because u want to dress up

It’s so annoying when that chick dressed up in loose shorts and a baggy tee comes up to you and says “Why on earth are you so dressed up?”, or when you’re getting ready to go to your grandma’s and your mom comes in and says “You’re going to see your grandmother, not Queen Elizabeth. […]

Oscars 2015 | Who Rocked and Who Shocked?

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In the list of award ceremonies that are severely scrutinised by fashion enthusiasts (if there exists such a list), the Oscar Awards Ceremony definitely ranks number 1. The award season is only as good as the perfectly dressed stars. Fashionistas, you agree, don’t you? An estimated 37.3 million people were glued to their screens as the […]