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Geek to Chic-wear your glasses the right way!

Geek to Chic-wear your glasses the right way!

They say,’ Eyes are the windows of the soul’, but what if there is an ugly curtain hanging in front of those windows ?! Yes, you got it right, the ugly curtains are the big old glasses which i am referring to! 99% girls with specs consider it to be an obstruction on their face.Glasses […]

Glasses for your Face shape

Semi-Rimless glass with a distinctive brow line

All the glasses-wearing people can attest to the fact that glasses are bothersome.We aren’t as laser- eyed as a normal person and contacts are eek-worthy. So, we choose the lesser of the two evils. But on the bright side, glasses are now treated as an accessory.You know,we HAVE seen those gorgeous Deepika Padukone Vogue Eyewear […]