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Dress up for a Chic Pool Party: What to wear?

Pool party

Is it summer already? Well, its time for the water baby in you to finally jump up with joy! While some ladies prefer going on a vacation to the coastal areas, others prefer having a nice and cozy chic pool party with friends. If you belong to the latter category this article is just for you. […]

Every Body Is A Bikini Body

Every Body Is A Bikini Body

New year is just so incomplete without  resolutions. With most of us fashionistas trying hard to maintain a passably good shape, let’s push it up a notch. Bikini bodies, anyone?! Tackling stereotypes and body shaming, we move beyond a highly eulogised and uniform single ‘body type’. So, you feel your physique does not come under […]

Know SHAANDAAR Outfits from Alia

alia bhatt outfit from shaandaar

    The first thought that comes to your mind when you see Shaandaar is SHAANDAAR, the title of the movie is rightly suited. The movie explores various hues of colourful fiesta. The background of the movie is set in beautiful array of colors; the backdrops as well as the outfits are in a vivid […]