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Save or Splurge: Makeup Edition

Save or Splurge: Makeup Edition

Hello Fashionistas! It’s time for the latest intel on Makeup. Yes ladies, it’s time to drain your wallets empty or maybe not. Because this time, I’m gonna throw light on some less expensive but equally good products. While most of us cannot afford expensive brands like Mac, Sephora or Chanel, there are suitable alternatives for their […]

Makeup Mistakes We All Make!

makeup mistakes

Makeup application is truly an art that only a few can master. As easy as it might seem, a minor slip up can majorly alter your appearance for the worst. Makeup done right can truly transform the face by highlighting one’s best features. While makeup done wrong can make one look older than they are […]

Make-Up Kit Essentials For Beginners

Mac Blush

Every woman, at some point in her life growing up, has been through the situation of feeling overwhelmed and confused in a beauty store, filled with rows and rows of products. An alien territory. Don’t worry though, because we’ve all been there and have eventually mastered it. As a beginner, don’t just buy everything you […]

Outfit check: Peach and Blush

Photo Collage Maker_t0W9Vw

If peach and blush only makes you think of baby showers, tutus and bridesmaids, then it’s about time you reconsidered. Not only are they two of the most flattering colors on the human body, but they bring out the best on any skin tone. About 80% of designers all over the world have agreed that […]