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Top 5 Jewellery Moments of Bollywood

Well hello, ladies! Looking for a good follow up with your favorite Bollywood Divas? Then look no more because we have exactly the right thing for you. Bringing you the top 5 Traditional Jewellery moments of Bollywood in 2018, both on-screen and off-screen. So, save up your excitement for its time for a Bollywood jewellery […]

5 Offbeat Jodis We *Wish* To Watch on Koffee With Karan This Season

Bollywood ki jaan Karan Johar recently dropped a bomb of a photo of Saif Ali Khan and Sara Ali Khan as the first guests for this season’s Koffee with Karan. We love the classy vibe that the set seems to be giving, almost like that of a nice, uptown jazz club. While we can’t wait […]

Top Fashionable Bollywood Movies

We all are inspired from bollywood movies in some or the other way. Bollywood always comes up with some interesting fashion trends everytime and we just start following that trend for the sake of looking like our favourite actor or actress. We have come across some very interesting and fashionable movies over the years. Some […]

Royal 90s: The Best 90s Bollywood actresses who are still queening

90s Bollywood actresses

The 90s was an epic decade. The ones born in the 90s definitely know why 90s was the best. From Bollywood to TV everything in Bollywood in the 90s was just more than fabulous. The Bollywood movies and the Bollywood celebrities who were reigning during the 90s were just impeccable. We bring a list of […]

7 Bollywood Style Statement Outfits From Classic Bollywood Movies

bollywood style statement

There are three most powerful influencers of fashion in this generation and they are Fashion bloggers, Bollywood celebrities, and Fashion Writers. All of them influence the society in their own way through their work in the field of fashion. Bollywood has always been our fashion inspiration. We bring here some Bollywood style statements which our […]

“Evergreen Fashionistas”- 6 Fashion Icons Of All Time!

fashion icons of all times

“I don’t do fashion, I am fashion!”- Coco Chanel “FASHION”: this word might be a small one, but the aura and the magic it creates is massive! It is  a very subjective term, each and every person has their own take and style to project it to the world! But, there are some people, who […]

Top 10 Indian Celebrity Teen Queens

Top 10 Indian Celebrity Teen Queens

We love to have a role model or a celebrity to look up to and follow for fashion tips, relationship goals or for just plain gossip. While almost all of Bollywood beauties have their dedicated followers and fan pages, they are not so much followed by the teen or tween age group. The young age […]

Top 5 Celebrity Inspirations For The Outfits of Bride’s Mother

Top 5 Celebrity Inspirations For The Outfits of Bride's Mother

Weddings are made in heaven which makes it necessary for us to look like angels. Dressing up beautifully is not just for the Bride but also for her mother. Here we are to bring forth the prettiest of Indian Wedding Wear inspired by the timeless beauties of Bollywood such as Rekha, Hema Malini and many […]

Top 10 Songs For A Bride To Dance On Her Sangeet

Top 10 Songs For A Bride To Dance On Her Sangeet

Your wedding is almost here and it’s time for the Sangeet ceremony where you can show all your crazy dance moves resulted straight out of those hours of practicing your solo and group choreography with your friends. Definitely, the priority is your solo dance, woman! And we all know that all the uncles and aunties […]

Looking Into The Glam Of Dilwale!

Looking Into The Glam Of Dilwale!

When Kajol and SRK come together with their gorgeous chemistry, it is hard to notice anything else. Dilwale is undoubtedly the movie that everybody has been waiting for, holding their breaths, anxiously. Besides the excitement of the movie coming up, much fascination has been in the air regarding style quotient of the actors in the movie! Let’s […]