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Honeymoon Lingerie Essentials which You Must Invest In

Are you a to be bride and don’t know what to shop for your lingerie? Well, honeymoon packing has to be steaming but not at the cost of your comfort. Well, with these lingerie pieces in your suitcase, you’d be settled with surprising Mr. Hubby and loving what you wear too! Check out some of […]



Why is it even necessary to have a different lingerie for every occasion and why do we need to fill our closets with so many fancy lingerie? Is it necessary or we are just splurging as per the trend? Well, if you take my opinion then I being a fashion influencer would recommend you to […]


5 Amazing and Trendy Ways to Flaunt Your Bra Without Being OTT

What makes the world think a bra is meant to remain under your clothes? It is called intimate wear because it is meant to adorn your intimate parts not because they are meant to remain secret or private! There are myriads of trendy ways to flaunt your bra and hear the Oh-my-god-gasps loud and clear […]


We Help You in Finding the Right Bra for You, Ready?

The chest of a woman is often highly neglected in most cases nowadays while dressing up. Do you want to know what’s wrong with your dress? Why it fits so shabbily? Change your bra and do yourself a favour. I cannot emphasize on how important it is to find the right bra of the perfect […]