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New Year’s Resolutions: Know All About Perfumes

New Year's Resolutions: Know All About Perfumes

People don’t realise that a major part of their style statement is influenced by the way they smell. You can look stunning, or you can look drop dead gorgeous, but if you don’t smell right, it can be a massive throw off. People don’t want to experiment with fragrances and go on wearing the same […]

7 Designer Handbags To Invest In Without Regretting!!

7 Designer Handbags To Invest In Without Regretting!!

Hey, so how many of you out there have a handbag fetish?? A lot of you must be raising your hand right now!! Actually, we all end up buying so many handbags that we are unsure what to do with them. Ladies, it’s sad when such beauties just sit there in your cupboard begging you to take them […]

Fashion Movies- Inspirations and Tips!

Fashion Movies- Inspirations and Tips!

We often find ourselves inspired by dresses worn in fashion movies. What more, we find ourselves often picking the same look- hunting down the same outfits down to the footwear, trying to achieve the same make up including the winged eyeliners and even the hairdos, we try to recreate! When so many of us are […]

Top 8 Lingerie Brands for Teenagers From Around The World


People often forget that Lingerie is a big part of fashion. We oversee intimate apparel and focus on what we wear on the outside. Lingerie is just as important as accessories, makeup, shoes, etc. There is a moment in a woman’s life when she must move on from simple underwear to grander and greater things- lingerie. Good lingerie […]

Top 10 Perfumes Under Rs.2000

Calvin Klein One

Anyone who’s ever been trapped in a crowded elevator intrinsically understands: Few people are gifted with noses so finely tuned to fragrance that they can distinguish between scents that allure and ones that merely annoy. While buying a perfume we need to be careful and choose the right scent, as the money once spent on […]