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10 Braided Hairstyles For Wavy & Curly Hair


Isn’t it boring to plait the same way or do the same pony tail or leave your hair in that lazy bun? Let us tell you that the look you see on runways, with models flaunting their glossy wavy hair tucked perfectly isn’t how it always is, at least in real life. Girls with curly and […]

Better Health Just Ahead: 7 Simple Stress Relievers for Good Health


How Do You React To Stress? Do you tend to become angry or agitated? You may respond best to relaxation techniques that quiet you down, such as meditation, deep breathing or imaginary. Do you tend to become depressed, withdrawn or spaced out? You may respond best to relaxation techniques that are stimulating and that energize your […]

Top Five Fashion Weeks Not To Miss Out On

milan Fashion week

Fashion week is the most important time for the trend followers for obvious reasons and there are many in the world who fail to comprehend the intensity of the obsession, but that’s just because they do not know the true value of a pair of Louboutins, Tony and Guy’s hair treatments and why is it […]