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Golden Globe Awards 2016- What Not To Wear!

Golden Globe Awards 2016- What Not To Wear!

The Golden Globe Awards is the biggest event to start 2016 with and it is more of a fashion show of the Hollywood celebrities than just an award show. Even though a lot of the ladies turned heads with their enigmatic style, but some of them turned heads for the wrong reasons. Here are some […]

6 ways to wear headbands!


However stylish your hairdo looks, a headband will always spice up your look and make you look chic! Probably designed at first as comfortable wear- to keep the hair out of our eyes- headbands have metamorphed now into a more of a style statement. There are many different types of headband: Floral headbands: Floral headbands […]

Celebrity Fashion from H&M India Launch!

H&M India launch

The fashion circus is gradually gripping India with the most awaited launch of High Street Label H&M, the Swedish multinational retail-clothing company. The urge of a lot of fashionistas, to shop from Hennes & Mauritz which was pinning them since long is contented with the opening of the flagship store in Delhi. The excitement among […]

Evergreen Everyday Makeup every Girl Loves

Favorite Red Lipstick

Ever Green Makeup to Swear By Makeup is an essential part of every woman’s life. You may deny that you like makeup or that you use any kind of makeup. You may use makeup in the form of Kajal, eye liner, lipstick, foundation, compact and n number of things. But ultimately, you end up using […]

10 Everyday Brands that Indians are Eagerly Waiting For!

Brands that Indians are Eagerly Waiting For

Every time I watch The Devil wears Prada, I feel a wee bit envious of Andrea Sachs. She seems to have the perfect life- she has a job “a million girls would kill for”, is surrounded by all things fashion, day in and day out. And the best part, she has a Nigel in her life […]

Top 6 Power Couples Of The Decade!

Victoria and David Beckham

Here I have tried covering the top 6 power couples who prove that when it comes to power, sometimes you need two. 1) Kim and Kanye West They are the ultimate power couple who are always upfront in the fashion world. They are always on fleet, be it their business or relationship. They added a […]