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6 Goodies You MUST Buy If Unicorn Is Your Spirit Animal!

slip on some unicorn

Unicorns have always defined the ultimate fantasy world for all women all over the world! Okay, for many, at least. If you are one such girl who loves and dreams unicorns and cannot get over their magical qualities, then hold your breath! Here are some unicorn goodies which you can help you have your own […]

Top 10 Night-Out Clutch Essentials

Top 10 Night-Out Clutch Essentials

It’s the weekend and we all know what time it is, right?! Yeah, it’s time to grab your buds and hit the clubs! Parties galore, ranging from themed parties to masquerades to DJ concerts. And you’ve just found the perfect outfit with matching heels; but it IS a party and not a vacation, so you […]

Clutches A Woman Must Have

clutch purses

Clutches are amazing as we can every necessary item like Money,Credit Cards,Mobile with ease. A clutch is neither too huge to carry around nor too small, it’s perfect for any occasion. Now a days clutches are available in all kinds of colors, patterns, designs and materials. There is a clutch for every occasion and today we […]

5 Most Essential Bags In a Women’s Closet


I had started out with “7 types of shoes every woman should own”, about a week ago ( I know, I’m a vine- junkie ) as a guideline for the novice, which now that I think about it, kind of seems vague but I hope it helps. This article is a much better sequel to […]