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10 Ways To Decorate On A Budget Halloween!

10 Ways To Decorate On A Budget Halloween!

Get set for the Hallowed Eve, people! Spook up your place with eerie ghosts and haunted attractions, the air inside out should be dreadful and ghoulishhh..Spread the fear around your surroundings with an illusion of googly eyes, scary humanoids and ugly goblins. Now, we know what you re thinking. How to manage this with all […]

Best steals under 2000 to decorate your home this Diwali

moroccan waterdrop string light

Diwali has been known as a ‘festival of lights’ for centuries. But now, it just seems like any other holiday where you wear new dresses, eat amazing homemade sweets and sit watching TV the whole day. Most don’t even burst crackers because of all the Green Earth ads and whatnot. So here are a few […]