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Trending This Season: MAXIS!!

Trending This Season: MAXIS!!

Spring outfitters have brought back the vintage, old yet gold: maxis! They are back into our lives for good and we are blessed to be mixing and matching it with the other things in our closet to look our best this season. 1. Maxi Dresses The best go-to outfit for going to the beach, the […]

RESEARCH SURVEY : Skinny Jeans Can Make You Happy !

My skinny jeans

Hello everyone! In the article, there’s a result of an interesting research survey about skinny jeans and the happiness. Yes its true! According to a new research survey, skinny jeans represent more than just your sense of style; the fit of your jeans can predict how happy and confident you are. Qualtrics, a survey platform, […]

Your Guide to Everything Denim!

 To say that denim is out of fashion or too dull for the season is outrageous! The person must be oblivious of it’s need and it’s incarnation. We’re not simply discussing pants (when is the design world not lashing a style of pants that you may quickly consider, yet will never purchase?), yet denim in […]

Jeans For Every Shape And Size

slim fit

We all feel that jeans are a basic thing no one can go wrong with, after all they’re just jeans! Infact most of us get confused reading the labels – slim fit, low rise, straight fit, slim fit low rise and even slim fit straight .  Like whaaaat?! But that’s a common misconception that any […]