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Summer Clothing Must-Haves!

Denim shorts

It’s finally time to get rid of those layers and wear thin and comfortable clothing, reveal your curves and feel at your best, yes you see it right… SUMMER IS HERE! Ah, summer, the season to go all out with colors and patterns. There’s something for everyone in summer. In my opinion, summer is an […]

Sassy Summer Wardrobe: Styling Guide And Essentials

Sassy Summer Wardrobe: Styling Guide And Essentials

It’s finally summer and we can’t wait for the summer vacation and bask in the summer sun. However summer also means scorching heat, humidity and plenty of tanning. It’s the time to embrace neutrals and wear everything cotton. Nevertheless, summer also means staying fashionable always while you rock those long days at the beach with […]

10 Best Looks for Men for Valentine’s Day

10 Best Looks for Men for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up and so everyone is bound to be excited about it as it is a day of joy and a day to celebrate your love. Couples find special things to do on the day. Single people revel in the celebrations and hope to find love in their lives. Even non-couples celebrate […]

All About DENIMS!!

All About DENIMS!!

Hey girls, today I am gonna talk about denims!! Yup, denims are my besties and when I don’t have anything to wear or pair with, I just blindly go for denims but…wait! Now denims are not just limited to that pair of jeans you own. They’re available in skirts, shorts, jackets, and even lingerie. Spoilt […]

17 Amazing Fun Facts About Fashion

Amazing Fun Facts About Fashion

Think you know all about fashion? Think again as I rock your mind with 17 amazing facts about fashion that we bet you didn’t know about! While many blogs, articles, and books have been written about this industry, many still probably aren’t aware of these fashion tidbits! 1. Look At Them Expensive Shoes! The most […]

Design your Denim-Pepe Jeans

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”Fashion is defined by its ability to evolve, excite and create trends at breakneck speed.” – This is how the description reads on the Facebook page of Pepe Jeans London. Pepe Jeans London is the brainchild of 3 brothers – Nitin , Arun & Milan Shah , who initially set up a small stall in […]

Jeans Shopping: Your Ultimate Denim Guide

denim guide

HI PEEPS 🙂 Trends in fashion come and go but denims last forever with the different washes, cuts, pockets, seams that hit the high streets. You always need a pair of denims that fits you well and makes you look trendy. So it’s important to find ones that do your body some good. A lot […]

Gaining By Bargaining

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It’s THAT time of the year yet again! Every shopaholic knows what I’m talking about. It’s sale season! Every store is now on sale and it has left our palms itching to grab the best deals. Most people avoid going to the stores because of the scorching heat but believe me girls, this is the […]