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8 Dieting Myths That Are Secretly Causing You Harm!

8 Dieting Myths That Are Secretly Causing You Harm!

The word “Diet” is as magical as it’s scary. It can magically give you a healthy and in-shape physique but can cause you harm if followed improperly. We would generally just bunk a few meals per day, avoid chocolates and cakes, and survive on soup to maintain a so called “diet”. *pin-point this* This is […]

Improving Your Sight With A Healthy Nutrition Guide


“The eyes are the windows to the soul” and that is why you should take proper care of them. Did you know that more than 250 million people are visually impaired worldwide; about 40 million are blind and near 250 million have low vision? And though with today’s medical achievements, majority of eyes’ illnesses can […]

6 Snacks you can munch on when you’re on diet


So here’s the thing. I recently started going to gym, working out and all, yeah? (So cool.) But being the foodie that I am I just can’t stay on a diet! I just have to keep on eating something! But my trainer gave me this diet with black coffee, green tea and obviously “oats” because […]

Fine Dine And Red Wine

red wine glasses

The legal drinking age might be 25 but more often than not most people have tried, kept “trying” , got wasted and even swore they’ll never drink again (that’s only during a morning hangover, duh) before they reach this so called legal age. Now alcohol caters to each and every person, from different spirits to […]