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#DIY Alert: How To Reuse Your Old Clothes

Hello, guys! I was recently cleaning my wardrobe and took out many old clothes, socks and stuff which are of no use to me any longer. I really didn’t wish to throw them as they still looked pretty. *Haha* Instead of trashing them, I thought of re-using them. Here are a few things I did with […]

5 DIY Hair Masks For Beautiful Looking Hair


Everybody wants silky-smooth hair. Whether you have a bob or Rapunzel-like knee length hair, you want them to be nourished, healthy and shiny. You can spend a fortune to buy hair masks. Or… just use some simple ingredients available at your home to make some DIY hair masks! First of all, you can customize each […]

5 DIY Face Masks For a Radiant Skin

We all love those face masks that make the face radiant and flawless. They come in all forms- the good old clay mask, the hydrating gel masks, the beloved sheet masks, on the trend bubbling masks and the list goes on. But if you really think you absolutely, necessarily, have to go out and waste your […]

Your Ultimate Guide to DIYs!


We see enough blogs and fashion articles related to ‘Wardrobe Must Haves’ , ’10 Closet Essentials’ and the infamous ‘Summer/Sprig/Autumn/Fall/Winter(and more if they could create new seasons) Essentials’ . But what about those piles and piles AND PILES of clothes we have lying in our cupboard; ignored, unworn and sometimes brand new yet ignored and […]