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New Year Party Ideas For 2018


New Year is arriving sooner than we thought. If you are the host of this New Year party and need ideas to spice up your house party, here we are to give you a list of some really cool and unique ways in which you can be the host that everyone’s ever wanted. 1. Christmas […]

Unique Ideas for your Halloween Party!


It’s Halloween!! It’s the time when you go “trick or treat.” Or if you’re too old for that, then you have amazing parties. So, have you got your costumes ready? What about your makeup and the decorations? You’re good to go, right? No! What about the food or drinks and also other cool stuff you […]

10 Reasons to Drink More Water

water for muscle power

That water is an essential element needed to survive on earth is a known fact and a few reasons behind this fact are also known to quite a lot of us but a large fraction of the population is still unaware of many lesser-known reasons as to why this plain and simple yet inevitable drink […]

6 Healthy Drinks To Beat The Heat This Summer!


Well, my last article was about trying to avoid the summer tan and this one is more about how to beat the summer heat with some refreshing yet healthy drinks. And trust me, most of these drinks are not too hard to find or make on your own. Once you have the ingredients, it hardly […]