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Top 8 Jewellery Accessories For A Bride

Lastly yes, it should be on your priority list to get your set of earrings and necklace to give the starting edge to your outfit as it's the most important accessory you need to adore your outfit with. It's definitely the one you can't do without so get your jewellery set first and then accessorize yourself accordingly.

No day is bigger than your wedding day so it’s time to pull up your pants or…lehengas? and get ready to look gorgeous in those beautiful accessories lined up for you but for that, you need to go through our list of jewelleries which will help you choose the perfect combination of accessories for your wedding […]

Bali Earrings Madness


We all love our earrings! Right, girls? They make us look and feel good. There are a lot of new trends coming up in the fashion industry. And earrings are on board, too! There’s the new double-sided pearl earrings, the earpiece! But, it’s the festive season now. So we ought to wear something traditonal, yet […]