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Trends we pray don’t follow us into 2016

Trends we pray don’t follow us into 2016

Every year there are a bunch of bizarre fashion trends that creep upon us and before we know it, too many people are trying it out leaving us in an utter state of dilemma whether or not to try it out on ourselves. Here are some of the trends that we left behind in 2015 […]

SKANTS- The Upcoming Skirt – Pant Hybrid Fashion Wear

Emma Watson in a black shirt and dark grey skirt-pants hybrid outfit

Many of you might have read and heard about Kendall Jenner’s recent skirt-pants hybrid outfit in New York prior to the closing of Chanel Paris-Salzburg show. For those of you who haven’t, let me enlighten you with this piece of information that had the paparazzi in total awe of this Jenner girl. Recently, Kendall Jenner […]