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Flower Up Your Tresses

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Spring says ‘hello’ next month. How about we ladies, dress up our tresses, readying the welcome wagon? Flowers adorning a woman’s hair is a sight rarely seen these days. Such a wonderful symbol of elegance, innocence and all things feminine, it’s a lost art today. We could help with its revival, adorn ourselves and start […]

7 Ways To Wear Your Summer Outfits In Winter

7 Ways To Wear Your Summer Outfits In Winter

Bored of those monotonous and lifeless sweaters and Peacoats? Want to wear something more lively and interesting just like summers? You love your summer dresses more, want to wear ’em out but confused how to pair them and look stylish and cool? Here are some immensely terrific ideas to wear those lovely, vibrant and colorful […]

Top 9 Outfits for the Bride’s Sister!

Top 9 Outfits for the Bride's Sister!

Wedding season is coming up! That means it’s time to put your best look forward. While all the attention is given to the bride and the bridegroom, you don’t want to be missed out! All the sisters of the brides! This one’s for you. Sure, the bride’s supposed to look the most beautiful on the […]

Summer Stunners- Prints to Set the Weather Right


Bored of donning those graphic prints every time and carrying the animal skin on that of yours everywhere?! Don’t worry girls & guys, this year, summer is set to make you go crazy for some mesmerizing prints & let you express yourself with more exciting hues. Sun is great in summer, and wide too as […]

Nature Is What I Will Wear Next!

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Hello everyone. People who are reading this are surely nature lover and who are not will be after this post. Nature is not just about trees or greenery, its also about autumn or color at different time of the day. It is also about the animals, soil and fire! It just us, who have to see […]