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Have A Wacky Wedding: 10 Amazing Wedding Ideas!

Have A Wacky Wedding: 10 Amazing Wedding Ideas!

Wedding is indeed a special occasion in everybody’s life and it is not easy to make your wedding a rocking one! People strive hard to make their wedding a special one but not everyone succeeds! Every wedding is normal with all those usual ceremonies and traditions to be followed but weddings will be special and […]

New Year Party Ideas For 2018


New Year is arriving sooner than we thought. If you are the host of this New Year party and need ideas to spice up your house party, here we are to give you a list of some really cool and unique ways in which you can be the host that everyone’s ever wanted. 1. Christmas […]

7 Foods To Avoid In Winter

Foods To Avoid In Winter

Cold weather in an otherwise hot country can be truly beautiful. But, it does come with caveats. Some of the most innocuous foods, when eaten in cold weather, can cause all sorts of problems, especially when eaten at night. Here’s a list of all the temptations that you must avoid at dinner time for the […]

Unique Ideas for your Halloween Party!


It’s Halloween!! It’s the time when you go “trick or treat.” Or if you’re too old for that, then you have amazing parties. So, have you got your costumes ready? What about your makeup and the decorations? You’re good to go, right? No! What about the food or drinks and also other cool stuff you […]

How many calories are you eating? Indian Food calorie count


No matter what you eat, ultimately you’re consuming calories. And despite the golden “rule” that celebration calories don’t count as calories, I have to inform you with a heavy heart that they very much do. But one would think that after binge eating burgers and pizzas ie “the unhealthy food”, coming back to our good […]


Food to improve metabolism

Nowadays all of us are becoming quite health conscious and the need and want of getting a slimmer and fitter body is on many people’s charts. While some of us are blessed with a natural fast metabolism, many are still struggling to lose weight but don’t know for sure what to eat or drink and […]

Health Hacks For Lazy People!


Has being healthy always been on the top of your to-do list, but you just don’t know where to start? Then we here at Wonder Wardrobes are here to set you on the right track. A healthy lifestyle requires commitment, but you don’t have to go all out, all at once. Baby steps is the […]