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Creative Masters: 5 Fabulous DIY ideas for accessories and footwear – RTR

We bring a Part 2 for DIY tips for every one of you. We know every girl loves DIY and hence we thought to extend these ideas from outfits to footwear and accessories. DIYing is very interesting because it can modify the old stuff into a new and a fresh one with our creativity. These […]

Skirts: A Must-Have In Your Wardrobe


Fashion is about carrying the clothes confidently in your own comfortable way. Skirts are a girl’s favorite. Every girl loves to wear skirts. It’s summer time and so skirts are the best to wear on a date or on an outing with friends. There are various options available in skirts but skater skirts are the […]

Must-Have A-Z Items for Every Girl’s Fashion Arsenal

A-Z item that every girl need

If you ever peek into a girl’s closet, you’ll be amazed at the plethora of clothes she owns, yet you might still hear the infamous “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR” line. It’s a common conundrum! Despite the vast collection, there are certain essential items that every girl needs, regardless of her unique style. Just like […]


heels are overrated

There are times when you feel that you should accessorize your legs in a different yet mesmerizing way that will not only beautify your body part but also complete your look. Gone are the days when you did not have many options available in the accessory market to accessorize your beautiful legs! Nowadays, DIY ideas and […]

Tips to Travel in Style


With all the comforts and luxuries being provided on flights these days, you would think that flying long hours is easy breezy and that, for most part, is true. But, another important aspect of travelling is how to have to comfiest outfit and look super chic simultaneously. It is actually a fairly easy task if […]